Measure, monitor and mitigate industry risk with forward looking trends

Using our forward-looking trends, commercial banks use the EWS to identify opportunities and monitor risks across the economy at the industry level. EWS will help you understand both the direction and magnitude of risk changes

IBISWorld’s Early Warning System (EWS)

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Map to internal systems

IBISWorld’s industry code mappings connect our risk data to your internal credit rating systems and integrate our key risk indicators (KRIs) with your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Establish exposure limits

Help create and reinforce bank policy by promoting risk-adverse pricing at the industry level. Banks pair future risk scores within the EWS with IBISWorld’s upstream, downstream and common factors to better understand their portfolio’s concentration risks.

Features of IBISWorld's Early Warning System

  • Exclusive forward-looking trends

  • Quarterly service delivered via Excel

  • Identifies industries that fall in low, medium and high risk categories

  • Flags industries that are rapidly moving toward another risk category

  • Risk rating scale ranges from 1-9

  • Scores roll-up to 2-digit NAICS classification and are available for the whole collection of US NAICS industries

  • Scores mapped to OCC sectors and groups

Who Uses IBISWorld Industry Risk Ratings Reports?

Credit Departments

Risk Departments



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