Get up-to-speed on an industry in minutes

Designed for a quick snapshot, iExpert Summary Reports condense the integral elements from our industry reports into bite-sized paragraphs, charts and tables

Who Uses IBISWorld iExpert Reports?


Sales Executives

Relationship Managers

The industry issues and relevant talking points included in iExpert Summary Reports are invaluable. Using them, I’m able to convey that, yes, I have taken the time to familiarize myself with a particular industry and that is essential to being able to provide solutions and win business.

Relationship Manager
Commercial Bank

Features of iExpert Summary Reports

  • iExpert reports complement thousands of global industries

  • 4-6 pages of industry facts, trends and insights summarizing our more comprehensive industry reports

  • Easy to scan and digest quickly, featuring lots of visuals and graphics

  • Each report contains focused data on market share, key external drivers, major markets, cost structure and industry performance

  • Call Preparation Questions give insight into role-specific, external industry impacts and internal company issues