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Trusted industry research covering thousands of global industries

Get a quick and intelligent overview of any industry. In every report, you’ll find actionable insights, comprehensive data and in-depth analysis on industries around the globe.

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All IBISWorld Products

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports

Industry Research Reports

Gain a quick and intelligent overview of thousands of global industries.

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IBISWorld iExpert Summary Reports

iExpert Summary Reports

Get up to speed in no time with easy-to-read charts, tables and paragraphs.

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IBISWorld Call Prep Insights for Salesforce

Call Prep Insights
for Salesforce

Instantly enrich your Salesforce with key insights so you can establish rapport and reduce meeting prep time.

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IBISWorld API Solutions

API Solutions

Customize our information based on your organization’s requirements. Our data. Your way.

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IBISWorld Risk Ratings

Risk Ratings

Quickly identify and quantify the non-financial risks of thousands of global industries.

IBISWorld Industry Wizard

Industry Wizard

Filter our data based on your criteria to gain the perspective you need to identify risks and opportunities.

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IBISWorld Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios*

Find detailed financial analysis of an industry, ensuring you have the knowledge to make more informed business decisions.

IBISWorld Early Warning Systems

Early Warning Systems*

Identify low-, medium-, and high-risk industries, and flag industries that are moving rapidly towards another risk category.

IBISWorld Business Environment Profiles

Business Environment Profiles

Analyze the wider world in which businesses operate by understanding key factors like consumer behavior, commodity prices and financial markets.

* Available for US Industries only

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