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What does Limited do? Limited is a locally owned public company, deriving revenue through the provision of online classifieds, display advertising and car financing services. The company employs approximately 580 people, operates in Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, China, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand, and is administered from its head office in Melbourne. Limited is listed on the ASX under the code CAR. Limited - Products & Brands Limited operates through the following services:

  • Online advertising services - Classified advertising and display advertising. Classified advertising allows public and private sellers to advertise various vehicle types and parts for sale through the carsales Network and associated brands. Display advertising allows corporate customers such as insurance, finance and motor dealership companies to advertise on the carsales network. 
  • Data, research and services - Provides data services to customers through Redbook, DataMotive and DataMotive Business Intelligence for detailed information on car condition. Also includes the in-house research and development of sale-related software.
  • International - Interests in overseas car classifieds operations, with a focus on Asia and South America. 
  • Finance and related services - Stratton Finance Pty Ltd providing finance arrangements and RateSetter Australia Pty Ltd providing financial services.

Brands include, but are not limited to:

  • Carsales, Bikesales and Boatsales
  • motoring
  • Tyresales
  • Red Book
  • Datamotive
  • Ryvus iQ
  • Stratton Finance

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LEARN MORE Limited - Financial Statements

pie_chart Limited Financial Profit & Loss Account

BALANCE DATE6/30/20206/30/20196/30/20186/30/20176/30/2016
Sales Revenue395,5850.
Other Revenue0000000000000000000000000
Total Revenue0000000000000000000000000
Cost of Goods Sold0000000000000000000000000
R & D Expenditure0000000000000000000000000
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pie_chart Limited Financial Growth

BALANCE DATE6/30/20206/30/20196/30/20186/30/20176/30/2016
Total Revenue Growth-4.24-1.7017.907.599.66
Sales Revenue Growth0000000000000000000000000
Shareholder's Funds0000000000000000000000000
AAAAAA AAAAAA0000000000000000000000000

pie_chart Limited Financial Ratios

BALANCE DATE6/30/20206/30/20196/30/20186/30/20176/30/2016
Return on Revenue (ROR) (%)27.719.442.029.431.5
Return on Shareholders’ Funds (ROSF) (%)0000000000000000000000000
Return on Assets (ROA) (%)0000000000000000000000000
Profit Margin (%)0000000000000000000000000
Revenue per Employee ($’000 per person)0000000000000000000000000
AAAAAA AAAAAA0000000000000000000000000
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  • SEEK Limited
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