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Industry Market Research

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting in the US

Soybean Farming
Oilseed Farming
Corn Farming
Wheat, Barley & Sorghum Farming
Vegetable Farming
Orange & Citrus Groves
Fruit & Nut Farming
Plant & Flower Growing
Tobacco Growing
Cotton Farming
Sugarcane Harvesting
Hay & Crop Farming
Beef Cattle Production
Dairy Farms
Hog & Pig Farming
Chicken Egg Production
Sheep Farming
Fish & Seafood Aquaculture
Horse & Other Equine Production
Timber Services
Hunting & Trapping
Crop Services
Livestock Production Support Services
Forest Support Services
Chicken & Turkey Meat Production

Mining in the US

Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction
Coal Mining
Iron Ore Mining
Gold & Silver Ore Mining
Copper, Nickel, Lead & Zinc Mining
Molybdenum & Metal Ore Mining
Stone Mining
Sand & Gravel Mining
Mineral & Phosphate Mining
Oil & Gas Field Services
Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction in California

Mining in the US

Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction
Coal Mining
Iron Ore Mining
Gold & Silver Ore Mining
Copper, Nickel, Lead & Zinc Mining
Molybdenum & Metal Ore Mining
Stone Mining
Sand & Gravel Mining
Mineral & Phosphate Mining
Oil & Gas Field Services
Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction in California

Utilities in the US

Electric Power Transmission
Natural Gas Distribution
Water Supply & Irrigation Systems
Sewage Treatment Facilities
Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
Coal & Natural Gas Power
Nuclear Power
Hydroelectric Power
Wind Power
Solar Power

Construction in the US

Land Development
Home Builders
Apartment & Condominium Construction
Industrial Building Construction
Bridge & Elevated Highway Construction
Transmission Line Construction
Heavy Engineering Construction
Drywall & Insulation Installers
Tile Installers
Flooring Installers
Roofing Contractors
Concrete Contractors
Steel Framing
Glass & Glazing Contractors
Excavation Contractors
Demolition & Wrecking
Elevator Installation & Service
Commercial Building Construction
Municipal Building Construction
Road & Highway Construction
Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors
Sustainable Building Material Manufacturing
Water & Sewer Line Construction
Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction
Housing Developers
Paving Contractors
Swimming Pool Construction
Fence Construction
Wood Framing

Manufacturing in the US

Animal Food Production
Flour Milling
Margarine & Cooking Oil Processing
Cereal Production
Sugar Processing
Chocolate Production
Candy Production
Frozen Food Production
Canned Fruit & Vegetable Processing
Dairy Product Production
Ice Cream Production
Meat, Beef & Poultry Processing
Seafood Preparation
Bread Production
Cookie, Cracker & Pasta Production
Tortilla Production
Snack Food Production
Coffee Production
Tea Production
Syrup & Flavoring Production
Seasoning, Sauce and Condiment Production
Baking Mix & Prepared Food Production
Soda Production
Bottled Water Production
Juice Production
Cigarette & Tobacco Manufacturing
Textile Mills
Carpet Mills
Hosiery Mills
Apparel Knitting Mills
Cut and Sew Manufacturers
Men's & Boys' Apparel Manufacturing
Women’s, Girls’ and Infants’ Apparel Manufacturing
Costume & Team Uniform Manufacturing
Leather Tanning & Finishing
Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing
Leather Good & Luggage Manufacturing
Sawmills & Wood Production
Wood Paneling Manufacturing
Wood Product Manufacturing
Prefabricated Home Manufacturing
Wood Pallets & Skids Production
Wood Pulp Mills
Paper Mills
Paperboard Mills
Cardboard Box & Container Manufacturing
Coated & Laminated Paper Manufacturing
Office Stationery Manufacturing
Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing
Paper Product Manufacturing
Quick Printing
Printing Services
Petroleum Refining
Asphalt Manufacturing
Lubricant Oil Manufacturing
Petrochemical Manufacturing
Oxygen & Hydrogen Gas Manufacturing
Dye & Pigment Manufacturing
Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
Organic Chemical Manufacturing
Plastic & Resin Manufacturing
Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing
Fertilizer Manufacturing
Pesticide Manufacturing
Brand Name Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturing
Paint Manufacturing
Adhesive Manufacturing
Soap & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing
Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing
Ink Manufacturing
Explosives Manufacturing
Chemical Product Manufacturing
Plastic Film, Sheet & Bag Manufacturing
Plastic Pipe & Parts Manufacturing
Laminated Plastics Manufacturing
Polystyrene Foam Manufacturing
Urethane Foam Manufacturing
Plastic Bottle Manufacturing
Plastic Products Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Tire Manufacturing
Hose & Belt Manufacturing
Rubber Product Manufacturing
Ceramics Manufacturing
Clay Brick & Product Manufacturing
Glass Product Manufacturing
Cement Manufacturing
Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing
Concrete Pipe & Block Manufacturing
Precast Concrete Manufacturing
Lime Manufacturing
Gypsum Product Manufacturing
Abrasive & Sandpaper Manufacturing
Mineral Product Manufacturing
Iron & Steel Manufacturing
Metal Pipe & Tube Manufacturing
Steel Rolling & Drawing
Aluminum Manufacturing
Nonferrous Metal Refining
Copper Rolling, Drawing & Extruding
Nonferrous Metal Rolling & Alloying
Ferrous Metal Foundry Products
Nonferrous Metal Foundry Products Manufacturing
Metal Stamping & Forging
Hand Tool & Cutlery Manufacturing
Structural Metal Product Manufacturing
Sheet Metal, Window & Door Manufacturing
Boiler & Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
Metal Tank Manufacturing
Metal Can & Container Manufacturing
Hardware Manufacturing
Wire & Spring Manufacturing
Machine Shop Services
Screw, Nut & Bolt Manufacturing
Metal Plating & Treating
Valve Manufacturing
Guns & Ammunition Manufacturing
Ball Bearing Manufacturing
Tractors & Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
Construction Machinery Manufacturing
Mining, Oil & Gas Machinery Manufacturing
Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing
Plastics & Rubber Machinery Manufacturing
Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing
Printing, Paper, Food, Textile & Other Machinery Manufacturing
Copier & Optical Machinery Manufacturing
Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturing
Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
Engine & Turbine Manufacturing
Wind Turbine Manufacturing
Pump & Compressor Manufacturing
Forklift & Conveyor Manufacturing
Power Tools & Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
Computer Manufacturing
Computer Peripheral Manufacturing
Telecommunication Networking Equipment Manufacturing
Communication Equipment Manufacturing
Alarm, Horn & Traffic Control Equipment Manufacturing
Audio & Video Equipment Manufacturing
Semiconductor & Circuit Manufacturing
Circuit Board & Electronic Component Manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacturing
Navigational Instrument Manufacturing
Medical Device Manufacturing
Recordable Media Manufacturing
Lighting & Bulb Manufacturing
Lighting Fixtures Manufacturing
Vacuum, Fan & Small Household Appliance Manufacturing
Major Household Appliance Manufacturing
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
Battery Manufacturing
Wire & Cable Manufacturing
Wiring Device Manufacturing
Power Conversion Equipment Manufacturing
Car & Automobile Manufacturing
SUV & Light Truck Manufacturing
Truck & Bus Manufacturing
Truck, Trailer & Motor Home Manufacturing
Automobile Engine & Parts Manufacturing
Automobile Electronics Manufacturing
Automobile Steering & Suspension Manufacturing
Automobile Brakes Manufacturing
Automobile Transmission Manufacturing
Automobile Interior Manufacturing
Automobile Metal Stamping
Auto Parts Manufacturing
Aircraft, Engine & Parts Manufacturing
Space Vehicle & Missile Manufacturing
Train, Subway & Transit Car Manufacturing
Ship Building
Boat Building
Motorcycle, Bike & Parts Manufacturing
Tank & Armored Vehicle Manufacturing
ATV, Golf Cart & Snowmobile Manufacturing
Cabinet & Vanity Manufacturing
Household Furniture Manufacturing
Office Furniture Manufacturing
Mattress Manufacturing
Blind & Shade Manufacturing
Medical Instrument & Supply Manufacturing
Glasses & Contact Lens Manufacturing
Jewelry Manufacturing
Toy, Doll & Game Manufacturing
Athletic & Sporting Goods Manufacturing
Gym & Exercise Equipment Manufacturing
Art & Office Supply Manufacturing
Billboard & Sign Manufacturing

Wholesale Trade in the US

Automobile Wholesaling
Auto Parts Wholesaling
Tire Wholesaling
Used Car Parts Wholesaling
Furniture Wholesaling
Home Furnishing Wholesaling
Lumber Wholesaling
Stone, Concrete & Clay Wholesaling
Roofing, Siding & Insulation Wholesaling
Manufactured Home Wholesaling
Camera & Film Wholesaling
Copier & Office Equipment Wholesaling
Computer & Packaged Software Wholesaling
Restaurant & Hotel Equipment Wholesaling
Medical Supplies Wholesaling
Glasses & Contacts Wholesaling
Laboratory Supply Wholesaling
Metal Wholesaling
Coal & Ore Wholesaling
Electrical Equipment Wholesaling
TV & Appliance Wholesaling
Electronic Part & Equipment Wholesaling
Tool & Hardware Wholesaling
Plumbing & Heating Supplies Wholesaling
Heating & Air Conditioning Wholesaling
Refrigeration Equipment Wholesaling
Construction & Mining Equipment Wholesaling
Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Wholesaling
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling
Industrial Supplies Wholesaling
Janitorial Equipment Supply Wholesaling
Aircraft, Marine & Railroad Transportation Equipment Wholesaling
Sporting Goods Wholesaling
Toy & Craft Supplies Wholesaling
Recyclable Material Wholesaling
Jewelry & Watch Wholesaling
Paper Wholesaling
Office Stationery Wholesaling
Paper Bag & Disposable Plastic Product Wholesaling
Drug, Cosmetic & Toiletry Wholesaling
Piece Goods, Notions & Other Apparel Wholesaling
Men's & Boys' Apparel Wholesaling
Women's & Children's Apparel Wholesaling
Footwear Wholesaling
Grocery Wholesaling
Frozen Food Wholesaling
Dairy Wholesaling
Egg & Poultry Wholesaling
Confectionery Wholesaling
Fish & Seafood Wholesaling
Beef & Pork Wholesaling
Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling
Soft Drink, Baked Goods & Other Grocery Wholesaling
Corn, Wheat & Soybean Wholesaling
Cattle & Hog Wholesaling
Plastics Wholesaling
Chemical Wholesaling
Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations
Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling
Beer Wholesaling
Wine & Spirits Wholesaling
Farm Supplies Wholesaling
Book, Magazine & Newspaper Wholesaling
Flower & Nursery Stock Wholesaling
Cigarette & Tobacco Products Wholesaling
Paint Wholesaling
Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling in California

Wholesale Trade in the US

Automobile Wholesaling
Auto Parts Wholesaling
Tire Wholesaling
Used Car Parts Wholesaling
Furniture Wholesaling
Home Furnishing Wholesaling
Lumber Wholesaling
Stone, Concrete & Clay Wholesaling
Roofing, Siding & Insulation Wholesaling
Manufactured Home Wholesaling
Camera & Film Wholesaling
Copier & Office Equipment Wholesaling
Computer & Packaged Software Wholesaling
Restaurant & Hotel Equipment Wholesaling
Medical Supplies Wholesaling
Glasses & Contacts Wholesaling
Laboratory Supply Wholesaling
Metal Wholesaling
Coal & Ore Wholesaling
Electrical Equipment Wholesaling
TV & Appliance Wholesaling
Electronic Part & Equipment Wholesaling
Tool & Hardware Wholesaling
Plumbing & Heating Supplies Wholesaling
Heating & Air Conditioning Wholesaling
Refrigeration Equipment Wholesaling
Construction & Mining Equipment Wholesaling
Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Wholesaling
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling
Industrial Supplies Wholesaling
Janitorial Equipment Supply Wholesaling
Aircraft, Marine & Railroad Transportation Equipment Wholesaling
Sporting Goods Wholesaling
Toy & Craft Supplies Wholesaling
Recyclable Material Wholesaling
Jewelry & Watch Wholesaling
Paper Wholesaling
Office Stationery Wholesaling
Paper Bag & Disposable Plastic Product Wholesaling
Drug, Cosmetic & Toiletry Wholesaling
Piece Goods, Notions & Other Apparel Wholesaling
Men's & Boys' Apparel Wholesaling
Women's & Children's Apparel Wholesaling
Footwear Wholesaling
Grocery Wholesaling
Frozen Food Wholesaling
Dairy Wholesaling
Egg & Poultry Wholesaling
Confectionery Wholesaling
Fish & Seafood Wholesaling
Beef & Pork Wholesaling
Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling
Soft Drink, Baked Goods & Other Grocery Wholesaling
Corn, Wheat & Soybean Wholesaling
Cattle & Hog Wholesaling
Plastics Wholesaling
Chemical Wholesaling
Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations
Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling
Beer Wholesaling
Wine & Spirits Wholesaling
Farm Supplies Wholesaling
Book, Magazine & Newspaper Wholesaling
Flower & Nursery Stock Wholesaling
Cigarette & Tobacco Products Wholesaling
Paint Wholesaling
Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling in California

Retail Trade in the US

New Car Dealers
Used Car Dealers
Recreational Vehicle Dealers
Motorcycle Dealership and Repair
Bicycle Dealership and Repair
Boat Dealership and Repair
Auto Parts Stores
Tire Dealers
Furniture Stores
Floor Covering Stores
Home Furnishings Stores
Consumer Electronics Stores
Computer Stores
Camera Stores
Home Improvement Stores
Paint Stores
Hardware Stores
Lumber & Building Material Stores
Lawn & Outdoor Equipment Stores
Nursery & Garden Stores
Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
Convenience Stores
Meat Markets
Fish & Seafood Markets
Fruit & Vegetable Markets
Specialty Food Stores
Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores
Pharmacies & Drug Stores
Beauty, Cosmetics & Fragrance Stores
Eye Glasses & Contact Lens Stores
Health Stores
Gas Stations with Convenience Stores
Gas Stations
Men's Clothing Stores
Women's Clothing Stores
Children's & Infants' Clothing Stores
Family Clothing Stores
Lingerie, Swimwear & Bridal Stores
Shoe Stores
Jewelry Stores
Sporting Goods Stores
Hobby & Toy Stores
Fabric, Craft & Sewing Supplies Stores
Musical Instrument & Supplies Stores
Book Stores
Record Stores
Department Stores
Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters
Dollar & Variety Stores
Office Supply Stores
Gift Shops & Card Stores
Used Goods Stores
Pet Stores
Art Dealers
Manufactured Home Dealers
Small Specialty Retail Stores
Vending Machine Operators
Fuel Dealers
Direct Selling Companies
E-Commerce & Online Auctions
Mail Order
Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores

Transportation and Warehousing in the US

International Airlines
Domestic Airlines
Charter Flights
Rail Transportation
Ocean & Coastal Transportation
Inland Water Transportation
Local Freight Trucking
Long-Distance Freight Trucking
Moving Services
Local Specialized Freight Trucking
Tank & Refrigeration Trucking
Public Transportation
Scheduled and Charter Bus Services
Public School Bus Services
Oil Pipeline Transportation
Gas Pipeline Transportation
Refined Petroleum Pipeline Transportation
Organic Chemical Pipeline Transportation
Airport Operations
Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
Rail Maintenance Services
Port & Harbor Operations
Stevedoring & Marine Cargo Handling
Tugboat & Shipping Navigational Services
Dry Docks & Cargo Inspection Services
Automobile Towing
Toll Roads & Weigh Stations
Freight Forwarding Brokerages & Agencies
Freight Packing & Logistics Services
Postal Service
Public Storage & Warehousing
Refrigerated Storage
Farm Product Storage & Warehousing
Specialized Storage & Warehousing
Couriers & Local Delivery Services
Taxi & Limousine Services
Sightseeing Transportation

Information in the US

Newspaper Publishing
Magazine & Periodical Publishing
Book Publishing
Database & Directory Publishing
Greeting Cards & Other Publishing
Software Publishing
Movie & Video Distribution
Movie Theaters
Movie & Video Production
Television Production
Video Postproduction Services
Independent Label Music Production
Major Label Music Production
Music Publishing
Audio Production Studios
Radio Broadcasting
Television Broadcasting
Cable Networks
Wireless Telecommunications Carriers
Wired Telecommunications Carriers
Telecommunications Resellers
Satellite Telecommunications Providers
Radar & Satellite Operations
News Syndicates
Data Processing & Hosting Services
Internet Service Providers
Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
Search Engines
Operating Systems & Productivity Software Publishing
Database, Storage & Backup Software Publishing
Business Analytics & Enterprise Software Publishing
Design, Editing & Rendering Software Publishing
Video Game Software Publishing
Security Software Publishing
Video Games
Cable Providers
Satellite TV Providers

Finance and Insurance in the US

Commercial Banking
Savings Banks & Thrifts
Credit Unions
Industrial Banks
Credit Card Issuing
Auto Leasing, Loans & Sales Financing
Real Estate Loans & Collateralized Debt
Loan Brokers
Credit Card Processing & Money Transferring
Loan Administration, Check Cashing & Other Services
Investment Banking & Securities Dealing
Securities Brokering
Stock & Commodity Exchanges
Venture Capital & Principal Trading
Portfolio Management
Financial Planning & Advice
Custody, Asset & Securities Services
Commodity Dealing and Brokerage
Life Insurance & Annuities
Health & Medical Insurance
Property, Casualty and Direct Insurance
Reinsurance Carriers
Insurance Brokers & Agencies
Third-Party Administrators & Insurance Claims Adjusters
Retirement & Pension Plans
Health & Welfare Funds
Workers' Compensation & Other Insurance Funds
Open-End Investment Funds
Trusts & Estates
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Investment Vehicles

Real Estate and Rental and Leasing in the US

Apartment Rental
Commercial Leasing
Storage & Warehouse Leasing
Land Leasing
Real Estate Sales & Brokerage
Property Management
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Asset Management & Consulting
Car Rental
Truck Rental
Consumer Electronics & Appliances Rental
Formal Wear & Costume Rental
DVD, Game & Video Rental
Tool & Equipment Rental
Heavy Equipment Rental
Computer & Printer Leasing
Industrial Equipment Rental & Leasing
Intellectual Property Licensing
Commercial Real Estate

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services in the US

Law Firms
Conveyancing Services
Payroll & Bookkeeping Services
Accounting Services
Tax Preparation Services
Landscape Design
Engineering Services
Building Inspectors
Geophysical Services
Surveying & Mapping Services
Laboratory Testing Services
Interior Designers
Industrial Designers
Graphic Designers
Fashion Designers
IT Consulting
Management Consulting
HR Consulting
Environmental Consulting
Scientific & Economic Consulting
Scientific Research & Development
Advertising Agencies
Public Relations Firms
Media Buying Agencies
Media Representative Firms
Billboard & Outdoor Advertising
Direct Mail Advertising
Print Advertising Distribution
Promotional Products
Market Research
Translation Services
Veterinary Services
Credit Counselors, Surveyors & Appraisers

Administration, Business Support & Waste Management Services

Human Resources & Benefits Administration
Correctional Facilities
Employment & Recruiting Agencies
Office Staffing & Temp Agencies
Professional Employer Organizations
Document Preparation Services
Telemarketing & Call Centers
Business Service Centers
Debt Collection Agencies
Credit Bureaus & Rating Agencies
Travel Agencies
Tour Operators
Convention & Visitor Bureaus
Security Services
Security Alarm Services
Pest Control
Janitorial Services
Landscaping Services
Carpet Cleaning
Packaging & Labeling Services
Trade Show and Conference Planning
Waste Collection Services
Waste Treatment & Disposal Services
Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services
Recycling Facilities
Portable Toilet Rental & Septic Tank Cleaning

Educational Services in the US

Community Colleges
Business Coaching
Trade & Technical Schools
Business Certification & IT Schools
Fine Arts Schools
Sports Coaching
Language Instruction
Tutoring & Driving Schools
Testing & Educational Support
Public Schools
Private Schools
Colleges & Universities
For-Profit Universities

Healthcare and Social Assistance in the US

Primary Care Doctors
Specialist Doctors
Psychologists, Social Workers & Marriage Counselors
Physical Therapists
Alternative Healthcare Providers
Family Planning & Abortion Clinics
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Clinics
Emergency & Other Outpatient Care Centers
Diagnostic & Medical Laboratories
Home Care Providers
Ambulance Services
Blood & Organ Banks
Psychiatric Hospitals
Specialty Hospitals
Nursing Care Facilities
Residential Intellectual Disability Facilities
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Centers
Retirement Communities
Orphanages & Group Homes
Adoption & Child Welfare Services
Elderly & Disabled Services
Family Counseling & Crisis Intervention Services
Community Food Services
Community Housing & Homeless Shelters
Natural Disaster & Emergency Relief Services
Job Training & Career Counseling
Day Care
Dentists in California

Healthcare and Social Assistance in the US

Primary Care Doctors
Specialist Doctors
Psychologists, Social Workers & Marriage Counselors
Physical Therapists
Alternative Healthcare Providers
Family Planning & Abortion Clinics
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Clinics
Emergency & Other Outpatient Care Centers
Diagnostic & Medical Laboratories
Home Care Providers
Ambulance Services
Blood & Organ Banks
Psychiatric Hospitals
Specialty Hospitals
Nursing Care Facilities
Residential Intellectual Disability Facilities
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Centers
Retirement Communities
Orphanages & Group Homes
Adoption & Child Welfare Services
Elderly & Disabled Services
Family Counseling & Crisis Intervention Services
Community Food Services
Community Housing & Homeless Shelters
Natural Disaster & Emergency Relief Services
Job Training & Career Counseling
Day Care
Dentists in California

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation in the US

Musical Groups & Artists
Sports Franchises
Racing & Individual Sports
Celebrity & Sports Agents
Performers & Creative Artists
Historic Sites
National & State Parks
Amusement Parks
Arcade, Food & Entertainment Complexes
Non-Hotel Casinos
Lotteries & Native American Casinos
Golf Courses & Country Clubs
Ski & Snowboard Resorts
Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs
Bowling Centers
Golf Driving Ranges & Family Fun Centers
Concert & Event Promotion
Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in California

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation in the US

Musical Groups & Artists
Sports Franchises
Racing & Individual Sports
Celebrity & Sports Agents
Performers & Creative Artists
Historic Sites
National & State Parks
Amusement Parks
Arcade, Food & Entertainment Complexes
Non-Hotel Casinos
Lotteries & Native American Casinos
Golf Courses & Country Clubs
Ski & Snowboard Resorts
Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs
Bowling Centers
Golf Driving Ranges & Family Fun Centers
Concert & Event Promotion
Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in California

Accommodation and Food Services in the US

Hotels & Motels
Casino Hotels
Bed & Breakfast & Hostel Accommodations
Campgrounds & RV Parks
Chain Restaurants
Single Location Full-Service Restaurants
Food Service Contractors
Street Vendors
Bars & Nightclubs
Coffee & Snack Shops
Fast Food Restaurants

Other Services (except Public Administration) in the US

Auto Mechanics
Car Body Shops
Car Wash & Auto Detailing
Oil Change Services
Electronic & Computer Repair Services
Machinery Maintenance & Heavy Equipment Repair Services
Appliance Repair
Furniture Repair & Reupholstery
Shoe Repair
Hair & Nail Salons
Weight Loss Services
Hair Loss Treatment & Removal
Tanning Salons
Dating Services
Funeral Homes
Cemetery Services
Dry Cleaners
Industrial Laundry & Linen Supply
Pet Grooming & Boarding
Parking Lots & Garages
Religious Organizations
Donations, Grants & Endowment
Conservation & Human Rights Organizations
Civic, Social & Youth Organizations
Homeowners' Associations
Maids, Nannies & Gardeners
Wedding Services

Life Sciences

Hydroponic Crop Farming
Yeast & Bacteria for Food Production
Animal Health Biotechnology
Emergency Veterinary Services
Veterinary Laboratory Testing Services
Fertility Clinics
Dialysis Centers
Cell Therapy
Cryogenic Biobanking Services
Drug & Alcohol Test Kit Manufacturing
PET Scanner Manufacturing
X-Ray Machine Manufacturing
Glucose Meter Manufacturing
Hearing Aid Manufacturing
Robotic Surgery Equipment Manufacturing
Pacemaker Manufacturing
Dialysis Equipment Manufacturing
Syringes & Injection Needle Manufacturing
Dental Laboratories
Venous Access Device Manufacturing
TENS Machine Manufacturing
Medical Adhesives & Sealants Manufacturing
Wheelchair Manufacturing
Wound Care Product Manufacturing
Dental Clinical Instrument Manufacturing
Surgical Instrument Manufacturing
Hospital Bed Manufacturing
Intravenous (IV) Solution Manufacturing
Protective Eyewear Manufacturing
Stair Lift Manufacturing
Surgical Apparel Manufacturing
Laboratory Fume Hoods Manufacturing
Cough & Cold Medicine Manufacturing OTC
Acne Treatment Manufacturing OTC
Foot Care Product Manufacturing
Hair Loss Treatment Manufacturing
Medical & Recreational Marijuana Growing
Medical & Recreational Marijuana Stores
ADHD Medication Manufacturing
Contact Lens Manufacturing
Sports Medicine Practitioners
Plastic Surgeons
Eye Surgery Clinics
Cosmetic Dentists
Behavioral Therapists
Speech-Language Pathologists
Laboratory Information Management Systems
Electronic Medical Records Systems
Forensic Technology Services
DNA & DNA Forensic Laboratories
Contract Pharmaceutical Research Services
Clinical Trial Data Management Services
Clinical Trial Support Services
Medical Waste Disposal Services
Life Coaches
Pilates & Yoga Studios
Health & Wellness Spas
Personal Trainers
Herbal Tea Production
Relaxation Drink Production
Energy Drink Production
Cremation Services
Farm Animal Feed Production
Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics
Pharmacy Benefit Management
Corporate Wellness Services
Natural Food Coloring Manufacturing
Laboratory Casework Manufacturing
Antiseptic Manufacturing
Insect Repellent Manufacturing
Hospices & Palliative Care Centers
Hearing Aid Clinics
Medical Couriers
Healthcare Staff Recruitment Agencies
Sleep Disorder Clinics
Occupational Health & Workplace Safety Services
Coffin & Casket Manufacturing
Cold Sore Medication Manufacturing
Urgent Care Centers
Toxicology Laboratories
Nutritionists & Dietitians
Diagnostic Imaging Centers
Ophthalmic Instrument Manufacturing
Dental Equipment Dealers
Compounding Pharmacies
Institutional Pharmacies
Contract Research Organizations
Children's Specialty Hospitals
Women's Health Hospitals
Medical Case Management Services
Telehealth Services
Occupational Therapists
Adult Day Care
Air Ambulance Services
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Eating Disorder Clinics
Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Centers

Consumer Goods & Services

Martial Arts Studios
Soy & Almond Milk Production
Custom Screen Printing
Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturing
Lingerie Stores
Bridal Stores
Maternity Wear Stores
Plus-Size Women's Clothing Stores
Plus-Size Men's Clothing Stores
Sunglasses Stores
Perfume & Fragrance Stores
Wig & Hairpiece Stores
Mall Carts & Kiosks
Perfume & Fragrance Manufacturing
Sunscreen Manufacturing
Shaving Razor Manufacturing
Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing
Wig & Hairpiece Manufacturing
Cotton Personal-Care Product Manufacturing
Barbecue & Grill Manufacturing
Candle Manufacturing
Washer & Dryer Manufacturing
Food Processor & Blender Manufacturing
Lamp & Lighting Stores
Picture Framing Stores
BBQ & Outdoor Cooking Stores
Kitchen & Cookware Stores
Cheese Production
Yogurt Production
Popcorn Production
Meal Replacement Product Manufacturing
Vodka Distilleries
Whiskey & Bourbon Distilleries
RTD Tea Production
Craft Beer Production
Italian Restaurants
Mexican Restaurants
Sushi Restaurants
Premium Steak Restaurants
Buffet Restaurants
Wine Bars
Doughnut Stores
Bakery Cafes
Pizza Restaurants
Food Trucks
Frozen Yogurt Stores
Juice & Smoothie Bars
Ethnic Supermarkets
Car Sharing Providers
Pet Food Production
Dry Pet Food Production
Dog Walking Services
Bicycle Manufacturing
Hot Tub Manufacturing
Parachute Manufacturing
Golf Cart Manufacturing
Horse Racing Tracks
Indoor Climbing Walls
Hiking & Outdoor Equipment Stores
Gun & Ammunition Stores
Movie Rental Kiosks
Adult Stores
Durable Baby Goods Stores
Party Supply Rental
Cigar Lounges
Children's Book Publishing
Audiobook Publishing
Tattoo Artists
Private Detective Services
Strip Clubs
Hair Salons
Personal Waxing & Nail Salons
Wedding Planners
Psychic Services
Party & Event Planners
Tactical & Service Clothing Manufacturing
Athletic Shoe Stores
RTD Mixed Spirit Production
Pet Insurance
Hot Sauce Production
Frozen Fruit & Juice Production
Olive Oil Production
Peanut Butter Production
BBQ Sauce Production
Stock & Broth Production
Dried Fruit & Vegetable Snack Production
Cocoa & Drinking Chocolate Production
Acoustic & Electric Guitar Manufacturing
Outdoor Furniture Manufacturing
Hot Dog & Sausage Production
Meat Jerky Production
Cable Shopping Networks
Swimming Pool Cleaning Services
Sheet Music Publishers
Swimming Pool Equipment Stores
Garage Door Installation
Tent, Awning & Canvas Manufacturing
Airport Shuttle Operators
Backpack & Courier Bag Manufacturing
Hat & Cap Stores
Lipstick Manufacturing
Adhesive Tape Manufacturing
Bleach Manufacturing
Window Treatment Stores
Coffee Creamer Production
Tire Retreading & Recapping
Garage Door Manufacturing
Charter Schools
Flying Schools
Bail Bond Services
Clothing Alteration Services
Vehicle Shipping Services
Protective Sports Equipment Manufacturing
Commercial Embroidery Services
Licensed Sports Apparel Stores
Faucet Manufacturing
Adjustable Bed & Mattress Manufacturing
Tile & Marble Stores
Frozen Pizza Production
Cider Production
Korean Restaurants
Chocolate Stores
Farm Supply Stores
Ice Rinks
Summer Camps
Dance Studios
Water Parks
Paintball Fields
Laser Tag Arenas
Fitness DVD Production
Bed & Mattress Stores
Boutique Hotels
Air Gun & Airsoft Gun Manufacturing
Shooting Ranges
Engraving Services
Thrift Stores
Ice Manufacturing
Mobile Storage Services
Clothing Boutiques
Industrial Chocolate Production
Limousine & Town Car Services
Truck Dealers
Auto Windshield Repair Services
Auto Paint Customization Shops
Diaper Manufacturing
Countertop Manufacturing
Frozen Cake & Pastry Manufacturing
ATV Manufacturing
Swimming Pools
Classic Car Dealers
Early Childhood Learning Centers
Door Lock & Lockset Manufacturing
Rendering & Meat Byproduct Processing
Athletic Event Organizers
Cell Phone Repair
Fresh Bread & Bakery Goods Wholesaling
Pet Food & Supplies Wholesaling
Boxing Promoters
After-School Program Providers
High Fructose Corn Syrup Production
Pre-Made Salsa Production
Body Armor Manufacturing
Direct Selling of Jewelry & Accessories
Fishing Boat Charter
Hydroponic Growing Equipment Stores
Massage Services
Mouthwash Manufacturing
Nursery Schools
Potato Farming
Tree Trimming Services


Railway Signaling System Manufacturing
Precision Agriculture Systems & Services
ATM Manufacturing
3D Printer Manufacturing
Night Vision Equipment Manufacturing
Headphone Manufacturing
Uninterruptible Power Supply System Manufacturing
Variable Message Signage Manufacturing
Fire & Smoke Alarm Manufacturing
Electronic Access Control System Manufacturing
Activated Carbon Manufacturing
Smart Meter Manufacturing
Wind Turbine Installation
Solar Farm Developers
Solar Panel Installation
Waste-to-Energy Plant Operation
Biomass Power
Lithium Battery Manufacturing
Geothermal Electricity Plant Operation
Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing
Electronic Goods Recycling
Battery Recycling
Bioplastics Manufacturing
Building Lighting Control System Manufacturing
Online Payment Processing Software Developers
Web Domain Name Sales
Biometrics Scan Software
Speech & Voice Recognition Software Developers
Electronic Design Automation Software Developers
Fleet Telematics Systems
Tax Preparation Software Developers
HR & Payroll Software
Online Survey Software
Social Network Game Development
Social Networking Sites
Adult & Pornographic Websites
Fantasy Sports Services
E-Book Publishing
3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping Services
IT Security Consulting
Digital Forensic Services
Web Design Services
Identity Theft Protection Services
Data Recovery Services
Online Recruitment Sites
CRM System Providers
Virtual Data Rooms
Webmail Providers
Respiratory Protection Equipment Manufacturing
Safe & Vault Manufacturing
Tire & Rubber Recycling
Dark Fiber Network Operators
Real-Time Traffic Information Providers
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing
Pressure Sensor Manufacturing
Scrap Metal Recycling
Software Testing Services
Field Service Management Software
3D Movie Production
Wire Connector Manufacturing
Fiber-Optic Cable Manufacturing
Power Circuit Breaker Manufacturing
Gas Detection Device Manufacturing
Scale & Balance Manufacturing
Electronic Article Surveillance Product Manufacturing
Cooking Oil Recycling
Nonferrous Metal Recycling
Motion Capture Software Developers
Website Creation Software Developers
Smartphone App Developers
Cell Phone Recycling
Digital Advertising Agencies
Fraud Detection Software Developers
Point of Sale Software Developers
Colocation Facilities
Wireless Internet Service Providers
Internet Radio Broadcasting
Language Learning Software Developers
Internet Hosting Services

Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors

Indoor Sports Facilities Management
Railroad Track Construction
Tunnel Construction
Dredging Services
Sports & Athletic Field Construction
Sports Stadium Construction
Airport Terminal Construction
Hotel Construction
Hospital Construction
Restaurant Construction
Overhead Crane Manufacturing
Demolition Equipment Manufacturing
Construction Project Management Services
Shopping Mall Management
Wireless Tower Construction
Sewer & Pipeline Rehabilitation
Deck & Patio Construction
Building Exterior Cleaners
Offshore Oil Rig & Platform Construction
Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment Manufacturing
Hydraulic Fracturing Services
Window Installation
Insulation Contractors
Artificial Grass Turf Installation
Solar Water Heater Installation
Grease Trap Cleaning
Shortline Railroad Operation
Heavy-Duty OTR Tire Manufacturing
Urban Planning Software
Marine Salvage Services
Snowplowing Services
Long-Distance Refrigerated Trucking
Natural Gas Liquid Processing
Fence & Scaffolding Manufacturing
Retail Store Fixture Dealers
Scaffolding Contractors
Dump Truck Services
Ornamental & Architectural Metalwork Services
Metal Door Manufacturing
Bridge & Structure Painting Contractors
Firestop Contractors
House Painting & Decorating Contractors
Concrete Reinforcing Bar Manufacturing
Sheet-Metal Roofing Manufacturing
Wood Flooring Manufacturing
Dumpster Rental
Window Coverings Wholesaling
Corrosion Protection Engineering Services
Cementing Oil & Gas Well Services
Water & Air Quality Testing Services
Commercial Property Remodeling

Advisory & Financial Services

Model Agencies
Portable Toilet Rental
Hedge Funds
Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms
Agricultural Banks
Pawn Shops
e-Trading Software Developers
Business Information Resellers
Company Research Services
Personal Finance & Money Management Software Developers
Expert Networks
Dental Insurance
Disability Insurance
AD&D Insurance
Automobile Insurance
Homeowners' Insurance
Online Insurance Brokers
Motorcycle Insurance
Travel Insurance
Boat Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance
Workers Compensation Insurance
Title Insurance
Home Warranty Providers
Product Warranty Insurance
Risk Management, Insurance Advisory & Consulting
Forensic Accounting Services
Medical Claims Processing Services
Insurance Claims Processing Software
Business Process Outsourcing Services
Business Brokers
Business Valuation Firms
Commercial Aircraft Leasing
Fleet Car Leasing
Medical Equipment Rental
Immigration Lawyers & Attorneys
Trademark & Patent Lawyers & Attorneys
Personal Injury Lawyers & Attorneys
Family Law & Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys
e-Discovery Software Publishing
Agricultural Insurance
Repossession Services
Customer Care Centers
Intermodal Container Leasing
Serviced Office Leasing
Railroad Car Rental & Leasing
Expert Witness Consulting Services
Online Mortgage Brokers
Auto Extended Warranty Providers
Document Management Services
Home Medical Equipment Rentals
Business Concierge Services
Private Banking Services
Invoice Discounting
Check Cashing & Payday Loan Services
Medical Patient Financing
Libraries & Archives
e-Discovery Consulting Services
Financial Data Service Providers
Office Furniture Rental
Healthcare Consultants
Franchise Brokers & Consultants
Eco & Green Certification Providers
Third-Party Logistics
Benefit Administration Services
Casting Agencies
Nondestructive Testing Services
Online Legal Services
Executive Search Recruiters
Employee Relocation Services
Crowdsourcing Service Providers
Pharmaceuticals Packing & Labeling Services
Settlement Funding Companies
Credit Repair Services
Prepaid Credit & Debit Card Providers
Subprime Auto Loans
Identity Theft Insurance
Motion Picture & Theatrical Equipment Rental
Employee Assistance Program Services
Airline Catering Services
Card Reward Program Services
Stenographic Services
Oil, Gas & Mining Consultants
Pharmaceutical Contract Management Consulting
Marketing Consultants
Vision Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance
Pallet & Skid Rental
Armored Transportation Services
Product Returns Management Services
Group Purchasing Organizations
Health & Medical Reinsurance
HMO Providers
Medical Group Practice Management
Background Check Services
Merchant Banking Services
Professional Organizations

Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals

Personal Watercraft Manufacturing
Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturing
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Manufacturing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manufacturing
Carbon Fiber & Graphene Manufacturing
Blow Molding Machinery Manufacturing
Commercial Washing Machine Manufacturing
Power Tool Manufacturing
Ice Making Machine Manufacturing
Forklift Manufacturing
Packaging Machinery Manufacturing
Carbon Dioxide Production
Automotive Coatings Manufacturing
Car Airbag Manufacturing
Essential Oil Manufacturing
Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing
Cutting Tool & Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing
Turbocharger Manufacturing
Catalytic Converter Manufacturing
Heavy Duty Truck Parts Dealers
Walk-in & Cabinet Cooler Manufacturing
Chipping & Grinding Equipment Manufacturing
Electric Submersible Pump Manufacturing
Engine Rebuilding & Remanufacturing
Combine Harvester Manufacturing
Snowplow Manufacturing
Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Manufacturing
Railcar Manufacturing
Aircraft Parts Distributors
Safety Equipment & Supplies Distributors
Fluid Power Equipment Distributors
Material Handling Equipment Distributors
Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies Distributors
Truck-Mounted Crane Manufacturing
Truck Trailer Manufacturing
Truck Repair
Air & Gas Compressor Manufacturing
Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Manufacturing
Fire Truck Manufacturing
Water Heater Manufacturing
Contract Injection Molding Manufacturing
Digital Printing
Industrial & Fluid Power Valve Manufacturing
PTFE (Teflon) Coating Manufacturing
Aerial Work Platform Manufacturing
Armored Vehicle Manufacturing
Gear & Speed Changer Manufacturing
Hand Tool Manufacturing
Commercial Cooking Equipment Manufacturing
Auto Parts Remanufacturing
School Supplies Wholesaling
Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
Disinfectant Manufacturing
Industrial Spraying Equipment Manufacturing

Online Retail

Online Automotive Parts & Accessories Sales
Online Car Dealers
Online Flower Shops
Online Art Sales
Online Antiques & Collectibles Sales
Online Home Furnishing Sales
Online Hardware & Tool Sales
Online Plumbing & Electrical Supply Sales
Online Household Furniture Sales
Online Camera & Camcorder Sales
Online Computer & Tablet Sales
Online Large Kitchen Appliance Sales
Online Grocery Sales
Online Pet Food & Pet Supply Sales
Online Beer, Wine & Liquor Sales
Online Eyeglasses & Contact Lens Sales
Online Perfume & Cosmetic Sales
Online Vitamin & Supplement Sales
Online Medical Supplies Sales
Online Shoe Sales
Online Men's Clothing Sales
Online Baby & Infant Apparel Sales
Online Jewelry & Watch Sales
Online Designer Clothing Sales
Online Fashion Sample Sales
Online Original Design T-Shirt Sales
Online Office Furniture Sales
Online Event Ticket Sales
Online Greeting Card Sales
Online Photo Printing
Online Weight Loss Services
Daily Deals Sites
Online Baby Product Sales
Online Tutoring Services

Business Franchises

Ice Cream & Gelato Store Franchises
Sandwich & Sub Store Franchises
Coffee Store Franchises
Packing & Shipping Service Franchises
Sign & Banner Manufacturing Franchises
Cruise & Travel Agency Franchises
Real Estate Agency Franchises
Painting & Decorating Franchises
Auto Maintenance & Repair Franchises
Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Franchises
Handyman Service Franchises
HVAC Service Franchises
Plumbing Service Franchises
Pharmacy & Drug Store Franchises
Child Education & Developmental Center Franchises
Children's Fitness Center Franchises
In-Home Senior Care Franchises
Residential Senior Care Franchises
Gym & Fitness Franchises
Massage Franchises
Tutoring & Test Preparation Franchises
Health Food & Supplement Store Franchises

Retail Market Reports

The Retail Market for Headphones
The Retail Market for Laptop Computers
The Retail Market for Coffee
The Retail Market for Home Furniture & Bedding
The Retail Market for Seasonal Decorations
The Retail Market for Stationery Products
The Retail Market for Auto Tires
The Retail Market for Toys
The Retail Market for Musical Instruments
The Retail Market for Audio Equipment

US Procurement Research

Editorial, Design & Graphic Art Services

Integrated Advertising Services
Press Release Services
Commercial Photography
Technical Writing Services
Billboard Advertising
Transit Advertising Services
Digital Advertising Agency Services
Aerial Advertising
Media Placement & Fulfillment Services
Television Ad Placement Services
Editing & Proofreading Services
Translation Services
Copying Services
Graphic Display Services
Television Advertising
Digital Printing Services
Business Form Printing
Textile Printing
Video Postproduction Services
Court Reporting Services
Managed Print Services
Digital Stock Images
Graphic Design Services
Packaging Design Services
E-Book Publishing Services
Door-to-Door Advertising Distribution
Radio Advertising
Magazine Advertising
Newspaper Advertising
Planogram Services

Public Utilities & Public Sector Services

Paging Services
Cellular Telephone Services
Satellite & Earth Communication Systems Services
Wireline Telephone Services
Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Services
Dark-Fiber Network Services
Natural Gas
Managed VPN Services
Network Operations Center Management Services
Cable & Satellite Television Services

Distribution & Conditioning Systems Equipment

Hoses & Hose Fittings
Air Purifiers & Cleaners
Heat Exchangers
Heat Pumps
Commercial CPVC Pipes
Commercial Concrete Pipes
Copper Pipes & Tubes
Industrial Welded Carbon Steel Pipes
Industrial PVC Pipes
Oil Filters
Air Filters
Industrial Fans & Ventilation Equipment
Commercial Water Heaters
Humidity Control Equipment
Air Scrubbers
Control Valves
Outdoor Heaters
Fluid Regulators
Gas Pressure Regulators
Commercial Condensing Units
Membrane Filters
Air Handling Units
Power Boilers
Axial Compressors
Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Travel, Food, Lodging & Entertainment Services

Cafeteria Management Services
Corporate Travel Services
Catering Services
Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental
Personal Assistant Services
Event Facilities
Hotel Rooms
Party Supply Rental
Serviced Office Space
Serviced Apartments
Travel Risk Management Services

Paper Materials & Products

Printing & Writing Paper
Paperboard & Packaging Papers
Laminated Papers
Newsprint & Offset Papers
Coated Paper
Personal Paper Products
Paper Towels
Paper Cups
Business Card Printing

Personal & Human Services

Uniform Rental
Commercial Dry-Cleaning & Laundry Services
Child Day-Care Services
Drinking Water Delivery Services
Hospitality Linen Rental
Corporate Gym Memberships

Mining & Well Drilling Machinery

Drilling & Exploration Equipment
Drilling Tools
Drill Bits
Seismic Monitoring Equipment
Inflow Control Devices
Oil & Gas Casing & Tubing
Oilfield Separators
Hydraulic Power Tongs
Drilling Fluids
Seismic Data Processing Services
Coiled Tubing Monitoring Systems
Drilling Rigs
Service Rigs
Downhole Instrumentation

Building & Construction Machinery

Aerial Lifts
Earthmoving Machine Rental
Platform Lifts
Aerial Lift Rental
Portable Concrete Mixers
Front-End Loaders
Motor Graders

Office Equipment & Supplies

Label Applying & Printing Devices
Binding & Lamination Machines
Dry Erase Boards
Interactive Whiteboards
Automatic Labeling Systems
Currency Counters
Paper Shredding Machines
Printer Toner
Mailing System & Meter Rental
Ink Cartridges
Time Card Machines
General Office Supplies

Law Enforcement, Security & Safety Equipment

Safety Footwear
Face & Head Protection
Fire Extinguishers
Locks & Security Hardware
Safety Apparel
Hearing Protection
Variable Message Signage
Closed-Circuit Television Systems
Spectrum Analyzers
Respiratory Protection Equipment
Safety Harnesses
Fire Sprinkler Systems
Card Key Lock Systems
Motion Detectors
Night Vision Equipment
Security Metal Detectors
X-Ray Inspection Systems
Gas Detectors
Fire Blankets
Fire Alarms
Smoke Detectors
Anti-Static Flooring
Back & Joint Protective Equipment
Bulletproof Vests
Safety Eyewear
Barricades & Barrier Tapes
Ice & Snow Surface Treatments
Traffic Cones & Delineators
Surveillance Cameras
Heat Detectors
Protective Gloves
Traffic Control Signals
Electroshock Weapons
Flame Arrestors
Barrier Gates
Full-Body Scanning Machines

Civic Affairs Services

Management, Professionals & Administrative Services

Human Resources Consulting
Temporary IT Staffing
Permanent Personnel Recruitment
Business Law Services
Telemarketing Services
Document Destruction Services
Photocopier Leasing
Media Monitoring Services
Temporary Warehouse Staffing
Permanent Medical Staffing
Industrial Facility Rental
Modular Building Rental
Escrow & Title Services
Online Market Research Services
Fleet Management Services
Management Consulting Services
IT Consulting Services
Compensation & Benefits Planning Services
Personnel Relocation Services
Outplacement Services
Temporary Medical Staffing
Reference & Background Checking Services
Permanent IT Staffing
Bankruptcy Law Services
Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Services
Legal Research Services
Expert Witness Services
Commercial Real Estate Rental
Portable Toilet Rental
Opinion Polling Services
Commodity Price Forecasting Services
Focus Group Research Services
Telephone Market Research Services
Professional Employer Organization Services
Audio Visual Equipment Rental
Property Management Services
IT Asset Recovery Services
Product Promotion Services
Public Relations Services
Media Training & Coaching Services
Risk Management Consulting Services
Criminal Law Services
Taxation Law Services
Immigration Law Services
Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
Construction Project Management Services
Order Fulfillment Services
Conference Planning Services
Government Relations Services
Crisis Management Services
Data Archiving & Storage Services
Employment Law Services
Direct Mail Advertising Services
Mailing Services
Promotional Products
Psychometric Testing Services
Sales & Marketing Contact Lists
Business Valuation Services
Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services
IPO Consulting Services
Healthcare Consulting Services
E-Discovery Consulting Services
Real Estate Asset Management & Consulting Services
Real Estate Appraisal Services
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services
Call Center Services
Search Engine Marketing Services
Party & Event Planning Services
Online Advertising
Temporary Clerical & Administrative Staffing
Legal Process Outsourcing Services
Promotion Fulfillment Services
Pharmacy Benefit Management Services
Executive Search Services
Outsourced Sales Services
Scientific Research & Development Services
Rebate Management Services
Physical Screening Services
Telephone Answering Services
Data Privacy Consulting Services
PCI Compliance Consulting
Procurement Consulting Services
Actuarial Services
Brand Management Services
Contingent Workforce Management Services
Loyalty Program Management Software
Environmental Law Services
Marketing Consulting Services
Chemical Management Services
Job Posting Services
Social Media Management Services
MRO Inventory Management Services

Environmental Services

Environmental Remediation Services
Environmental Planning Services
Air Quality Monitoring Services
Water Quality Testing Services
Industrial Hygiene Services
Noise Control Services
Carbon Management Services

Industrial Production & Manufacturing Services

Packaging Services
Industrial Printing Services
Metal Finishing Services
Contract Filling Services
Heat Treatment Services
Welding, Brazing & Soldering Services
Nondestructive Testing Services
Industrial Design Services
3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping Services
Metal Forming Services
Engine Rebuilding & Remanufacturing Services
On-Site Field Machining Services
Corrugated Point-of-Purchase Displays


Industrial Use Gases
Lubricating Oils
Waterproofing Coatings
Noble & Elemental Gases
Caustic Soda
Refining Catalysts

Published Products

Storefront Signage
Traffic Signs
Illuminated Signs
Tamper-Evident Labels
Point-of-Purchase Signage
Catalog Printing Services
Roll-Fed Label Printing
Industrial Signage

Education & Training Services

Executive Coaching Services
Language Schooling
Computer Training Services
Safety Training Services
Learning Management Software

IT, Broadcasting & Telecommunications

Desktop Computers
Computer Servers
Optical Character Recognition Systems
ERP Software
Accounting Software
Graphics & Photo Imaging Software
Security Software
Videoconferencing Software
Computer Printers
Database Management Systems
Project Management Software
Barcoding Software
CRM Software
Data Management & Query Software
Computer Displays
Interactive Voice Response Software
Procurement Software
Help Desk & Call Center Software
Human Resources Software
Inventory Management Software
Graphics & Video Accelerator Cards
Network Security Equipment
Enterprise Content Management Systems
Network Monitoring Software
Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms
Phone Headsets
Mainframe Computers
Point-of-Sale Terminals
Radio Frequency Identification Devices
Tablet Computers
Computer Keyboards
E-Reader Devices
Laptop Computers
Programmable Logic Controllers
Network Firewall Security Equipment
Network Routers
Network Switches
Wireless Access Points
PBX Phone Systems
Hosted PBX Services
GPS Antennas
Intercom Systems
Server Racks & Cabinets
Patch Panels
Radio Antennas
Sales & Marketing Software
Tax Preparation Software
Foreign Language Training Software
Authentication Software
Backup & Archival Software
Data Mining Software
Legal Management Software
Virtual Machine Software
Voice Recognition Software
Satellite Phones
Solid State Drives
LCD Panels & Monitors
Website Analytics Software
Financial Analysis Software
Online Payment Gateway Software
Online File Storage Services
Two-Way Radios
Interactive Kiosks
Online Survey Software
Virtual Data Room Software
Enterprise Mobility Management Software
Computer-Aided Design Software
E-Discovery Software
Fleet Telematics Systems
Geographic Information Systems Software
Mobile Device Management Software
Mobile App Development Services
E-mail Marketing Software
Electronic Medical Records Software
Expense Management Software
Hard Disk Drives
Coupon Management Software
Incentive Management Software
Facilities Management Software
Contract Management Software
Video Editing Software
Issue Tracking Software
Automation Integration Services
Field Service Management Software
Video Management Software
Load Balancing Software
Transportation Management Systems
Digital Transaction Management Software
Retail Planning Software
Network Attached Storage Devices
Air Cards
Travel Management Software
Supply Chain Management Software
Mailing Software
Vendor Management Software
Telecom Expense Management Software
Online Compliance Training
Pharmacy Automation Systems
Data Masking Software
ACA Compliance Software
Asset Tracking Software
Claims Management Software
License Management Software
Web Content Management Software
Risk Management Software
Order Tracking Software
Location-Based Services
Data Management Platforms
USB Flash Drives
Office Phones
Marketing Attribution Software
Maintenance Management Software
Employee Performance Management Software
Check Authorization Software
Data Visualization Software
Lease Management Software
Call Tracking Software
File Sharing & Synchronization Services
Environmental Health & Safety Software

Commercial Vehicles & Components

Vehicle Seating & Interior Trim
Automobile Wheels
Truck Wheels
Heavy-Duty OTR Tires
Automobile & Light Truck Tires
Truck Trailers
Catalytic Converters
Minibuses & Shuttles
Tow Tractors
Agricultural Tractors
Ground Power Units
Off-Highway Trucks
Snow Plows
Street Sweeping Vehicles
Crane Trucks
Vacuum Excavators
Truck Liftgates
Water Trucks
Golf Carts
GPS Navigation Devices
All-Terrain Vehicles
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Railroad Track
Rail Signaling Systems
Commercial Truck Tires
Semi Trucks
Cargo Trucks
Transit Buses
Refrigerated Trailers

Public Order, Security & Safety Services

Security Guard Services
Armored Transport Services
Investigative Services
Electronic Article Surveillance Tags
Temporary Security Staffing
Security Monitoring Services
Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Tools & General Machinery

Hydraulic Tools
Sealing Tools
Precision Hand Tools
Hydraulic Hose & Tube Fittings
Hydraulic Cylinders
Pneumatic Tools
Pneumatic Cylinders
Ride-On Lawnmowers
Hydraulic Presses
Tool Rental
Power Blowers
Air Curtains

Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

Water Treatment Chemicals
Industrial Absorbents
Industrial Washing Machines
Vacuum Cleaners
Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Floor Polishers
Hazardous Waste Containers
Hand Dryers
Duct Cleaning Services
Septic Tanks
Trash Bags
High-Pressure Steam Cleaners
Dumpster Rental
Industrial Clothes Dryers

Fuel Additives, Lubricants & Anti-corrosive Materials

Hydraulic Oil
Diesel Fuel
Bunker Fuel

Industrial Cleaning Services

Janitorial Services
Medical Waste Disposal Services
Recycling Services
Hazardous Material Decontamination Services
Street Sweeping Services
Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Services
Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
Waste Incineration Services
Oil Spill Cleanup Services
Wastewater Treatment & Disposal
Window Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Tire Collection & Disposal
Grease Trap Cleaning Services
Interior Landscaping Services
Landfill Services
Water Hauling & Vacuum Services

Mining, Oil & Gas Services

Concrete Pumping Services
Mine Blasting Services
Seismic & Geophysical Services
Coring Services
Cathodic Protection Services
Oil & Gas Field Consulting Services
Coiled Tubing Services
Directional Drilling Services
Well Stimulation Services
Formation Evaluation Services
Well Cementing Services
Oilfield Modeling Services
Well Construction & Production Services
Hydraulic Fracturing Services
Slickline Services
Wireline & Perforating Services
OCTG Supply Chain Services
Oil & Gas Well Maintenance
Underbalanced Drilling Services
Oil Well Fishing Services
Stimulation Fluid Additives
Oil & Gas Land Services
Mining Drilling Services

Building & Facility Construction & Maintenance Services

Pest Control Services
Industrial Building & Warehouse Construction
Boiler & Furnace Maintenance & Repair
Masonry & Stonework Services
Facility Maintenance & Repair Services
Dredging Services
Marine Construction Services
Demolition Services
Land Preparation Services
Water Well Drilling Services
Scaffolding Services
Interior Design Services
Building Site Preparation Services
Heavy Equipment Installation & Maintenance Services
HVAC System Construction & Maintenance
Electrical Contracting Services
Acoustical & Insulation Services
Concrete Installation Services
Plastering & Drywall Services
Window & Door Installation Services
Roofing, Siding & Sheet Metal Services
Plumbing Construction Services
Glazing Services
Waterproofing Services
Portable Lighting Equipment Rental
Safe & Vault Installation
Sign Installation
Artificial Turf Systems
Security System Installation
Wood Floor Installation
Carpet Installation
Generator Maintenance & Repair
Locksmith Services
Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Services
Fence & Gate Construction
Window Tinting Services
Vending Machine Rental
Epoxy Application Services
Tank & Line Testing Services
Air Filtration Services
Snow Removal Services
Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair
Oil & Gas Facility Construction & Maintenance
Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction
Building Fireproofing Services
Painting Services
Energy Intelligence Software
Solar Panel Installation
Industrial Leak Detection Services
Store Fixture Installation
Right-of-Way Maintenance Services
Tank Cleaning Services
Pressure Safety Valve Maintenance & Repair Services
Asphalt Paving Services
Landscape Maintenance
Steel Framing Services
Storage Tank Rental
Resilient Floor Covering Installation
Maintenance Turnaround Services
Transmission Tower Construction
Traffic Control Services
Turbine Repair & Maintenance
Intercom System Installation
High-Pressure Cleaning Services
Riser Management Services
Countertop & Cabinet Installation
Water Damage Restoration Services
Utility Locating Services
General Contractor Services
Oil & Gas Refinery Construction
Oil & Gas Refinery Maintenance Services
Power Line Construction
Energy Data Management Services
Carpentry Services
Network Cable Installation
Material-Handling Equipment Maintenance Services

Resin, Rubber, Foam & Film Materials

Synthetic Resins
Plastic Film
Polystyrene Foam
Polyurethane Foam

Electronic Components

Bare Printed Circuit Boards
Flexible Circuit Boards
Photovoltaic Panels
Central Processing Units

Laboratory, Measuring & Testing Equipment

Leak Detection Equipment
Water Quality Testing Equipment
Ultrasonic Test Equipment
Smart Meters
Torque Measuring Equipment
Electrical Frequency Meters
Air Quality Testing Equipment
Laboratory Fume Hoods
Trace Heating Systems
Laboratory Glassware
Laboratory Sterilizers

Farming, Forestry & Wildlife Services

Watches, Jewelry & Gemstone Products

Musical Instruments, Games & Educational Equipment

Apparel & Personal Care Products

High-Visibility Uniforms
Flame-Resistant Uniforms
Medical Uniforms

Domestic Appliances & Consumer Electronic Products

Waste Pulpers

Furniture & Furnishings

Filing Cabinets
Office Desks
Industrial Furniture
Laboratory Furniture
Locker Systems
Case Goods
Office Seating
Office Furniture Systems
Conference Tables
Window Blinds & Shades
Industrial Tool Carts
Combination Desk Chairs

Mineral, Textile & Inedible Plant & Animal Materials

Wood Veneers
Wood Pulp
Medium Density Fiberboard
Finished Broad-Woven Cotton Fabrics
Synthetic Fibers
Activated Carbon

Material Handling, Conditioning & Storage Machinery

Glass Bottles
Automatic Guided Vehicles
Wood Pallets
Industrial Refrigerators
Industrial Truck Rental
Industrial Trucks
Packing Tools
Tanks & Cylinders
Barrels & Drums
Cans & Pails
Metal Cans
Industrial Freezers
Ice Makers
Wooden Shipping Crates & Boxes
Plastic Shipping Crates
Plastic Bottles
Pallet Trucks
Industrial Storage Shelves
Plastic Pallets
Walk-In Refrigerators
Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
Paper Bags
Plastic Bags
Workshop Cranes
Vehicle Lifts
Drum Handling Equipment
Automatic Palletizers
Shrink Wrap Machines
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
Oil & Gas Transportation Storage Services
Road & Flight Cases
Corrugated Boxes
Slip Sheets
Cushioning Supplies
Mailing Tubes
Conveyor Systems
Flexible Packaging
Molded Fiber Packaging
Air-Filled Packing Materials
Warehouse Management Systems
Tower Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Field-Erected Tanks
Crawler Cranes
Set-Up Boxes
Shopping Carts
Retail Store Fixtures
Flexible Tanks

Electrical Systems & Lighting Components

Electrical Safety Devices
Emergency Lighting Systems
Circuit Breakers
Power Adapters & Inverters
Power Supply Units
Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
Electrical Enclosures
Security Lighting
Switchgear Systems
Flood Lights
Strobe & Warning Lights
Surge Suppressors
Street Lighting Fixtures
Electrical Transformers
Electrical Conduits
Building Lighting Control Systems
Light Bulbs & Tubes
Work Lights
Variable-Speed Drives
Electrical Fuses
Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Financial & Insurance Services

Debt Collection Services
Audit Services
Corporate Treasury Services
Payroll Services
Billing Services
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Accounting Services
Tax Accounting Services
Bookkeeping Services
Inventory Accounting Services
Investor Relations Services
Cash Vault Services
Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance
Cargo Insurance
Marine Insurance
Business Interruption Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Employee Assistance Programs
Disability Insurance
Commercial Lending Services
Building & Contents Insurance
Group Dental Insurance
Group Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Equipment Financing Services
Business Credit Reporting Services
Business Credit Card Services
Consumer Credit Reporting Services
Vision Insurance
Insurance Claims Processing Services
Credit Card Payment Processing Services
Group Travel Insurance
Repossession Services
401(k) Administration Services
Flexible Spending Account Management Services
Financial Data Services
Product Warranty Insurance
Forensic Accounting Services
Cybersecurity Insurance
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
Payroll Card Services
ATM Network Services
Investment Management Services
Supply Chain Insurance
Insurance Brokerage Services
Invoice Factoring

Medical Equipment

Bandages & Dressings
Hospital Linen Supply & Management Services
Surgical Stents
Medical & Surgical Adherent Tapes
Medical Tissue Closures
Medical Gloves
Medical Syringes
Automated External Defibrillators
First Aid Kits
Wheelchair Lifts
Mobility Scooters

Manufacturing Components

Mechanical Cable
Nonelectric Iron & Steel Wire
Industrial Fasteners
Industrial Wheels
Paints & Coatings
Security Wire Fencing
Metal Shells & Casings
Metal Casting Services
Casters & Cart Wheels
Injection Molding Services
Packing Tape
Grinding Media

Transportation, Storage & Mail Services

Letter & Parcel Delivery Services
National Trucking Services
Refrigerated Storage Services
Intermodal Container Rental
Crating & Containerization Services
Material Handling Services
Aircraft Maintenance & Repair
Domestic Air Cargo Transportation Services
Rail Tank Car Leasing Services
Rail Cargo Transportation Services
Inland Water Cargo Transportation Services
Deep Sea Cargo Transportation Services
Local Freight Trucking Services
Bulk Storage Services
Document Storage Services
Freight Forwarding Services
Customs Brokerage Services
Cargo Inspection Services
Navigational Equipment Maintenance & Repair
International Air Cargo Transportation Services
Farm Products Warehousing
Auto Body Services
Aircraft Charter Services
Pipeline Inspection Services
Forklift Rental
Limousine & Town Car Services
Chartered Bus Services
Helicopter Charter Services
Taxicab Services
Vehicle Rental
Oil & Gas Pipe Coating Services
Pipeline Integrity Management Services
Towing Services
Vehicle Inspection Services
Moving Services
Petroleum & Chemical Trucking Services
Bulk Food-Grade Transportation Services
Bulk Earth Transportation Services
Parking Lot & Garage Management Services
Fleet Vehicle Leasing
Fixed-Base Operation Services
Truck Maintenance & Repair
Oversize-Load Trucking Services
Domestic Air Travel
Refrigerated Trucking Services
Fleet Cards
Chassis Leasing
Vehicle Transportation Services
Drayage Services
Freight Payment Services
Parcel Audit Services
General Warehousing & Storage

Service Industry Machinery & Equipment

Restaurant Furniture
Cooking & Warming Equipment
Small Kitchen Appliances
Beverage Dispensing Equipment
Ticket Dispensing Machines
Commercial Dishwashers
Drinking Fountains
Commercial Cookware

Land, Buildings & Structures

Workforce Camp Services
Trade Show Displays

Farming, Forestry & Wildlife Machinery

Harvesting Machines
Agricultural Dispersing & Spraying Equipment
Forestry & Logging Equipment
Outdoor Sprinkler Systems

Healthcare Services

Medical Laboratory Services
Medical & Surgical Equipment Repair
Occupational Health & Safety Services
Physical Therapy Services
Drug & Alcohol Screening Services
Corporate Wellness Services
Contract Research Organization Services
Medical Equipment Leasing
Food Safety Consulting Services
Telehealth Services

Industrial Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Industrial Robots
Circular Saws
Metal Grinding Machines
Metal Cutting Tools
Metal Drilling Machines
Metal Boring Machines
CNC Lathes & Turning Centers
Metal Rolling Machines
Welding Machines
Metal Engraving Machines
Injection Molding Machines
3D Printers
Machine Shop Services
Tube Filling Machines
Extrusion Machines
Packaging Machines

Printing, Photographic & Audio & Visual Equipment

Phone & Video Conference Equipment
Projection Screens
Public Address Systems
Video Projectors
Inspection Cameras
Infrared Cameras
Machine Vision Cameras
Body Cameras

Power Generation & Distribution Machinery

Alkaline Batteries
Electric AC Motors
Electric DC Motors
Electrical Cable
Electrical Wire
Fiber Optic Cable
Portable Generators
Auxiliary Generators
Hydraulic Motors
Pneumatic Motors
Industrial Battery Chargers
Lead-Acid Batteries
Industrial Brakes
Once-Through Steam Generators
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Gas Turbines

Engineering, Research & Technology Services

Data Center Services
Website Design Services
Mining Engineering Services
Web Hosting Services
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Energy & Utility Consulting Services
Urban Design Services
Landscape Architecture & Design Services
Electrical Engineering Services
Engineering Testing Services
Oil & Gas Engineering Services
Aeronautical Engineering Services
Instrumented Control Systems Services
Disaster Recovery Services
Document Scanning Services
Internet Services
Internet Domain Names
Computer Leasing
Workplace Safety Consulting Services
Building Inspection Services
Power Line Inspection Services
Plumbing & Sewer Inspection Services
Meteorological Services
Mapping Services
Land Surveying Services
Process Control Systems Services
Information Retrieval Systems
Telephone Support Services
Network Voice Services
Network Planning & Design Services
Technical Support & Help Desk Services
Quality & Safety Inspection Services
IT Support Services
Software Testing Services
Data Recovery Services
IT Hosting Services
Product Testing Services
Facilities Management Services
IT Systems Integration Services
Managed Mobility Services
Architecture Services
Data Mining Consulting Services
Rooftop Management Services
Structural Engineering Services
Software Development Services
Third-Party Logistics Services
Fire Safety Inspection Services

Building & Construction Components & Supplies

Scaffolding Rental
Construction Aggregates
Garage Doors
Fire Doors
Commercial Carpet
Resilient Flooring
Posts & Bollards
Industrial Platforms & Catwalks
Blast Resistant Doors & Windows
Toilets & Urinals
Thermal Building Insulation
Security Glass
Security Shutters
Automatic Sliding Doors
Sheet Metal

Live Plant & Animal Material Supplies

Global Industry Market Research

Global Mining

Global Coal Mining
Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Global Iron Ore Mining

Global Manufacturing

Global Milk & Cream Manufacturing
Global Fruit & Vegetables Processing
Global Candy & Chocolate Manufacturing
Global Bakery Goods Manufacturing
Global Sugar Manufacturing
Global Cheese Manufacturing
Global Beer Manufacturing
Global Spirits Manufacturing
Global Wine Manufacturing
Global Soft Drink & Bottled Water Manufacturing
Global Cigarette & Tobacco Manufacturing
Global Apparel Manufacturing
Global Handbag & Purse Manufacturing
Global Footwear Manufacturing
Global Paper & Pulp Mills
Global Cardboard Box & Container Manufacturing
Global Newspaper Publishing
Global Book Publishing
Global Magazine Publishing
Global Commercial Printing
Global Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturing
Global Pharmaceuticals & Medicine Manufacturing
Global Cosmetics Manufacturing
Global Plastic Product & Packaging Manufacturing
Global Household Cooking & Appliance Manufacturing
Global Computer Hardware Manufacturing
Global Semiconductor & Electronic Parts Manufacturing
Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturing
Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing
Global Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing
Global Automobile Engine & Parts Manufacturing
Global Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing
Global Ship & Boat Building
Global Military Shipbuilding & Submarines
Global Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing
Global Military Aircraft & Aerospace Manufacturing

Global Wholesale and Retail Trade

Global Car & Automobile Sales

Global Hotels and Restaurants

Global Hotels & Resorts
Global Fast Food Restaurants

Global Transport, Post and Storage

Global Deep-Sea, Coastal & Inland Water Transportation
Global Airlines
Global Cargo Airlines
Global Travel Agency Services
Global Airport Operation
Global Marine & Container Terminal Operation
Global Courier & Delivery Services

Global Telecommunications

Global Wireless Telecommunications Carriers
Global Internet Service Providers

Global Financial Intermediation

Global Commercial Banks
Global Investment Banking & Brokerage
Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers
Global Direct General Insurance Carriers
Global Reinsurance Carriers
Global Pension Funds
Global Insurance Brokers & Agencies

Global Real Estate and Renting

Global Commercial Real Estate

Global Business Activities

Global Public Relations Agencies
Global Management Consultants
Global Accounting Services
Global Architectural Services
Global Engineering Services
Global Graphic Designers
Global Biotechnology
Global Advertising Agencies
Global HR & Recruitment Services

Other Global Community, Social and Personal Service Activities

Global Movie Production & Distribution
Global Music Production and Distribution
Global Casinos & Online Gambling
Global Sports Betting & Lotteries

Additional Global Reports

Global Tourism

China Industry Market Research

Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing in China

Legume Growing
Cotton Growing
Tobacco Growing
Fruit and Nut Growing
Chinese Medicinal Herb Growing
Sheep and Cattle Farming
Pig Farming
Poultry Farming
Fish Farming

Mining in China

Coal Mining
Oil & Gas Drilling
Oil & Gas Drilling Support Services
Iron Ore Mining
Copper Ore Mining
Aluminum Ore Mining

Manufacturing in China

Animal Food Manufacturing
Cooking Oil Production
Sugar Production
Meat Processing
Frozen Seafood Processing
Tofu & Bean Curd Production
Bread & Bakery Product Manufacturing
Biscuit Production
Chocolate & Candy Production
Frozen Food Production
Dairy Product Production
Canned Food Production
Soy Sauce Production
Chinese Alcohol Production
Beer Production
Wine Production
Soda Production
Bottled Water Production
Juice Production
Powdered Beverage Manufacturing
Tea Production
Tobacco Leaf Processing
Cigarette Manufacturing
Cotton Fabric and Yarn Manufacturing
Silk Fabric and Clothing Manufacturing
Apparel Manufacturing
Footwear Manufacturing
Luggage Manufacturing
Plywood Manufacturing
Wood Furniture Manufacturing
Metal Furniture Manufacturing
Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
Paper and Paperboard Container Manufacturing
Book, Magazine and Periodical Printing
Stationery and Office Supplies Manufacturing
Sports Equipment Manufacturing
Musical Instrument Manufacturing
Toy Manufacturing
Oil & Petroleum Refining
Organic Chemical Material Manufacturing
Industrial Gas & Basic Chemical Manufacturing
Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing
Chemical Pesticide Manufacturing
Paint Manufacturing
Basic Plastics and Synthetic Resin Manufacturing
Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing
Soap, Washing Powder and Synthetic Detergent Manufacturing
Cosmetic & Personal Care Product Manufacturing
Toothpaste and Toothbrush Manufacturing
Fragrance and Essence Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Raw Material Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing
Chinese Patent Drug Manufacturing
Biological and Biochemical Product Manufacturing
Medical Supplies Manufacturing
Tire Manufacturing
Plastic Board, Pipe & Sheet Manufacturing
Plastic Parts Manufacturing
Cement Product Manufacturing
Industrial & Technical Glass Manufacturing
Iron and Steel Smelting
Steel Rolling
Copper Smelting
Aluminum Smelting
Metal Fabrication
Cutting Tool Manufacturing
Construction, Decoration and Plumbing Part Manufacturing
Cutlery & Kitchen Utensil Manufacturing
Engine Manufacturing
Crane Manufacturing
Bearing Manufacturing
Iron & Steel Casting
Mining Equipment Manufacturing
Construction Equipment Manufacturing
Building Material Production Equipment Manufacturing
Electrical Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing
Farming Machinery Manufacturing
Medical Device Manufacturing
Dental Equipment Manufacturing
Medical & Veterinary Instrument Manufacturing
Pollution Treatment Equipment Manufacturing
Railway Equipment Manufacturing
Automobile Manufacturing
Automobile Body and Trailer Manufacturing
Auto Parts Manufacturing
Car Repair Services
Motorcycle Manufacturing
Bicycle Manufacturing
Ship Building
Boat Building
Ship Repairing and Conversion
Aircraft Manufacturing
Wire and Cable Manufacturing
Optical Fiber and Cable Manufacturing
Battery Manufacturing
Household Refrigerator and Freezer Manufacturing
Air-Conditioner Manufacturing
Household Electrical Appliance Manufacturing
Hairdressing and Beauty Appliance Manufacturing
Lighting and Bulb Manufacturing
Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
Automotive Lighting and Signaling Equipment Manufacturing
Electronic Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
Switching Equipment Manufacturing
Communication Equipment Manufacturing
Mobile Phone Manufacturing
Computer Manufacturing
Computer Network Equipment Manufacturing
Computer Peripheral Manufacturing
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacturing
Electronic Component Manufacturing
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
TV, DVD & Video Equipment Manufacturing
Audio Equipment Manufacturing
Lab Instrument and Apparatus Manufacturing
Scientific Instrument Manufacturing
Geologic Prospecting & Seismic Instrument Manufacturing
Clock and Watch Manufacturing
Camera Equipment Manufacturing
Jewelry Manufacturing
Coal Product Manufacturing
Metal Recycling
Solid Waste Recycling
Baby Product Manufacturing
Passenger Car Manufacturing
Smart Phone Manufacturing
Automobile Audio Product Manufacturing
Computer Tablet Manufacturing

Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Production and Supply in China

Thermal Power Generation
Hydroelectric Power
Nuclear Power
Alternative Energy
Electricity Transmission and Distribution
Heating Power Production and Supply
Natural Gas Production and Distribution
Water Supply
Sewage Treatment Facilities
Wind Power
Solar Power Generation

Construction in China

Building Construction
Bridge, Tunnel and Subway Construction
Wiring and Pipeline Infrastructure Construction
Building Completion & Interior Design
Construction Equipment Services
Power Grid Construction
Road & Highway Construction

Transport, Storage and Post in China

Passenger Rail Transport
Freight Rail Transport
Freight Trucking
Bus Transportation
Subway, Light Rail & Cable Car Transport
Freight Transport by Sea
Harbor & Port Operations for Freight
Air Transportation of Freight
Pipeline Transportation
Storage & Warehousing
International Express Service

Information Transmission, Computer Services and Software in China

Wired Telecommunications
Mobile Telecommunications
Internet Services
TV & Radio Broadcasting
Satellite Transmission Services
IT Services
Software Development
Online Shopping
Online Games
Social Networking

Wholesale and Retail Trade in China

Fruit & Vegetable Wholesalers
Egg, Meat & Fish Wholesaling
Beverage and Tea Wholesalers
Sporting Goods Wholesaling
Oil Wholesale
Auto & Parts Wholesaling
Department Stores & Shopping Malls
Clothing Stores
Shoe Stores
Office Supply Stores
Jewelry Stores
Camera Stores
Pharmacies & Drugstores
Car Dealers
Auto Parts Stores
Gas Stations
Home Appliance Stores
Computer Stores
Communication Equipment Stores
Furniture Stores
Mail-Order & Online Shopping
Baby Stores

Accommodation and Catering in China

Full-Service Restaurants
Fast-Food Restaurants
Cafes, Bars & Other Drinking Establishments

Financial Intermediation in China

Commercial Banks
Policy Banks
Securities Exchanges
Securities Brokerage and Transaction Services
Securities Investment
Life Insurance Providers
Property, Car & Other Non-Life Insurance
Insurance Brokers & Adjusters

Real Estate in China

Real Estate Development and Management
Realty Management
Real Estate Agents
Residential Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate

Leasing and Business Services in China

Car Rentals
Investment and Asset Management
Auditing, Accounting & Tax Services
Market Research
Management Consulting
Advertising Agencies
Intellectual Property Rights Services
Travel Agencies
Convention & Exhibition Services

Scientific Research, Technical Service and Geologic Prospecting in China

Medical Research
Marine Services
Environmental Monitoring
Engineering Services
Energy-Efficiency Consultants

Management of Water Conservation, Environment and Public Facilities in China

Water Resource Management
Water Pollution Control
Hazardous Waste Management

Services to Households and Other Services in China

Skin Care, Hairdressing & Beauty Services
Wedding Services

Education in China

Colleges & Universities

Health, Social Security and Social Welfare in China

General Hospitals
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals
Health Clinics
Plastic Surgery Hospitals

Culture, Sports and Entertainment in China

Book Publishing
Newspaper Publishing
Magazine and Periodical Publishing
Movie Production
Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs
Amusement Parks