Client Q&A with Jennifer Obergfell, Assistant Manager-Global Procurement

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Published on : May 11 2017

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This month, we caught up with Jennifer Obergfell, Assistant Manager, Global Procurement at Coach, to find out what’s going on in her world of procurement.

IBISWorld: What challenge(s) do you and your company or department face right now?

Jennifer Obergfell: The market intelligence team would like to see more idea sharing among other retailers pertaining to best practice, experiences (good and bad) and strategy.

IW: How does/might IBISWorld help you overcome this challenge? 

JO: IBISWorld helps us by providing data on categories we are not as familiar with and give a different perspective on categories we are familiar with. Through these Q&As  we can connect with more retailers and non-retailers based on the commodity, learn more best practices and get guidance on our own strategy. IBISWorld procurement reports have a great overview and aid our team in narrowing our supply base as well as identifying questions to ask when sending out an RFP and when in negotiations.

IW: What do you foresee happening within the procurement world in the coming year?

JO: More networking! I believe the procurement world will become much more strategic in their thought of balancing the qualitative with the quantitative when negotiating with suppliers. We are already getting smarter about down-selecting based on benchmarking data and not just trying to lower the price. Project scopes are changing and the procurement team is starting to adapt to a more fluid business model.

IW: Tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, experiences, travel, etc.) 

JO: I believe in the benefits of yoga, and have been practicing for about four years.


Coach started in 1941 as a family-run workshop in New York City. We were pioneers in the leather goods and accessories space, establishing ourselves as the original American house of leather during the second half of the 20th Century. In October 2015, Coach launched a new Global Procurement organization along with standardized Procurement processes, policies and technology. Today, Coach is available on five continents in over 1,000 directly-operated stores worldwide and many more in collaboration with our global wholesale and distributor partners.

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