Firms Rally Against the FCC on Net Neutrality Day of Action

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Published on : Jul 12 2017

By: IBISWorld Analyst, Connor DiGregorio

For proponents of upholding the FCC’s current net neutrality regulation, today marks the “Day of Action”. Dozens of large internet-based companies are mobilizing consumers to push back against the FCC’s proposal to scrap regulations that prevent internet service providers (ISPs), such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, from discriminating against certain internet traffic.

Many companies – including Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Reddit and scores of others – have large banners on their homepages or have released official posts stating their support for preserving the current legal framework of the internet. Website visitors face warnings about slower or censored internet pages, and are being encouraged to comment on the FCC website to voice their support for current regulations. Understandably, the internet debate is buzzing today with the hashtag #netneutrality trending across the web.

In a paradoxical move, AT&T has also announced its participation in the Day of Action – the only ISP to do so at this time. However, they are noticeably not in favor of keeping current FCC regulation, but are directing users to lobby Congress for new internet legislation instead.

Click here to read IBISWorld’s full analysis on the proposed regulations and their impacts.

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