IBISWorld Launches Fast Tracks

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Published on : Feb 07 2017

By: IBISWorld Content Marketer, Ashley McKay

Make our data and research work for you!

At IBISWorld, we’re always looking for ways to make your job easier! And, after an overwhelmingly positive response to our proposed redesign, we’ve changed the way you view our website.

To fully integrate our proprietary procurement data with a step-by-step sourcing process – while also making website navigation easier and faster – we are introducing a new layout called Fast Tracks. Over 90% of the surveyed IBISWorld clients said this layout would make our site more intuitive and user-friendly. Our recently updated website, which highlights seven crucial sourcing stages, couples relevant data and analysis with the related phases of the procurement process that you’re in, allowing you to “Fast Track” to the market intelligence you need every step of the way. Whether in the initial stages of assessing an opportunity or at the finish line negotiating the contract, you’ll be able to find the corresponding research easily, effectively and efficiently.

Don’t worry! No information has been taken away, we have simply organized our research in a way that follows a clear sourcing process. Fast Tracks makes it easier for new and veteran users alike to master the purchasing process, regardless of how strategic their department is.

Along with Fast Tracks, IBISWorld is happy to introduce a new addition to the website: Cheat Sheets. These downloadable guides highlight the information that is necessary for each stage of the sourcing process. It also walks you through how relevant sections of the report (including Benchmark Price, Total Cost of Ownership, Buying Lead Time and Key RFP Elements) can help you make effective decisions during the stage you’re in. The cheat sheets have also been designed for use as an internal training tool to help newer members of your team understand how the data and analysis from IBISWorld Procurement Reports fit into the purchasing process.

Please contact your IBISWorld Business Development Manager or Client Relationship Manager to find how our other clients are benefiting from Fast Tracks.

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