Procurement Transformation: 3 Technologies to Watch

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Published on : Sep 11 2017

Drones, 3D printing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Uber, SpaceX and Airbnb. We hear about disruptive technologies and companies every single day, but what kind of disruptions should procurement practitioners keep their eyes on? IBISWorld highlights three disruptions that our procurement experts are watching. While these disruptive technologies have been around for some time, they are expected to continuously change the lives of procurement professionals in the coming years.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is the interconnectivity of devices, smart homes and buildings, computers, vehicles and anything else that can be embedded with electronics to collect, exchange and track data. Consumers are already bene ting from wearables that track their activity levels, smart homes that turn down the lights and thermostat when no one is home and intelligent cars that alert the driver when service is needed. But how do procurement professionals benefit from the IoT?