IBISWorld Launches the Procurement Insider

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Published on : Aug 15 2017

IBISWorld, the leading publisher of indirect category research, announces the launch of the Procurement Insider. This free, web-based resource gives procurement professionals the edge they need to excel at their jobs, solve problems and achieve their goals, like saving time and money, reducing risk, increasing credibility and setting strategy.

The Procurement Insider offers an abundance of resources to public and private sector procurement professionals. Users will easily find information, insights and tools that are relevant to all stages of the procurement process. The site includes articles on saving time and money, assessing opportunities, creating RFPs and negotiating, along with case studies and Q&As that illuminate how organizations use category research in new and interesting ways. The Insider also includes timely insights on how recent events are affecting markets and categories, plus expert analysis of economic indicators to provide context for purchasing decisions.

Resources on the Procurement Insider are free and available to the public. Users can register to become an “Insider” to access premium (but still free) content, such as whitepapers, buying guides and analysis on category market trends.

IBISWorld encourages procurement professionals of all levels to explore the website to discover how it can help achieve procurement goals.

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