Time is money when it comes to procurement goals

Being organized in your professional process is always a good way to save time. But after you’ve achieved that, how else can you shave hours or days off procurement activities? Check out best practices, get expert advice and discover new approaches that can help you and your department save precious hours.

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How to Handle a Last-Minute Sourcing Meeting Like a Pro

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Video: Intro to IBISWorld Procurement Research

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Make Data Manageable with the IBISWorld Data Wizard

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Using Market and Category Intelligence to Achieve Procurement Goals

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Drones Set to Help Businesses Take Off

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Procurement Transformation: 3 Technologies to Watch

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Beyond Factory Robots: The Impact of Automation on Price Growth

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P-Cards: Managing Purchasing with Each Swipe

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Client Q&A with Jessica Leitgeb, Procurement Specialist at Solenis

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Insider Tips: 5 Ways to Make Life Easier for Public Procurement Officials

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IBISWorld Launches the Procurement Insider

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Client Case Study: RPI

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Client Case Study: The County of Santa Clara

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Detecting Fake News and Baloney During Procurement Research

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Zooming in on the Body Camera Market

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Cognitive Procurement — What Are the Implications?

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Procurement, Are You Driving Your Organization Forward?

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