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Membrane Filters Procurement Research Report | Published: Jan 2017

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Membrane Filters: Procurement Research Report Highlights

Benchmark Price RFP/RFQ/Negotiation Questions
3-year Price Forecast Supply Chain Analysis
Supplier Intelligence Sample Buyer Decision Scorecard
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If your company is looking to save time and money during the initial stages of the buying process, IBISWorld’s Membrane Filters procurement research will provide you with the tools necessary to do just that. This report breaks down the data and analysis behind buying Membrane Filters, such as pricing dynamics, supply chain risks and external demand drivers. Your company will also gain expert negotiation tactics to help gain leverage when working with suppliers.

Report Snapshot
Price Forecast & Benchmarking
Benchmark Price
Benchmark Price
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Profit Benchmark
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Membrane Filters - Recent Price Trend

In the three years to 2016, the price of filters has increased an estimated average 2.3% per year due to swelling demand and rising operating costs. Once considered a pioneering technology, the use of membrane filters has gained momentum in recent years due to significant developments in filtration technologies. During the past decade, tightening regulatory requirements have led to technological... purchase to read more

Membrane Filters - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for membrane filters is moderate. When determining which types of membrane filters would best suit their needs, buyers should consider purchasing and operating costs in addition to the quoted price. While buyers will face various acquisition and operating costs when procuring the product, buyers incur the greatest cost if the membrane filter fails to perform its... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of membrane filters. Membrane filters are thin sheets or polymer films that contain pores of a specific size to separate particles from a substance. Membrane filters are commonly used to remove contaminants from a liquid or gas in laboratory, healthcare and industrial settings. Using membrane filters entails various benefits, including low energy consumption, operational simplicity and no need for additional solvents.

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