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Make better purchasing decisions, faster

Strategic insight and analysis on thousands of products and services

IBISWorld Procurement Research memberships are designed to help companies with an ongoing need for research on buying thousands of products and services. IBISWorld represents an easy and speedy way to access up-to-date, top-tier insight and analysis designed to save time and improve the bottom line across thousands of categories.

Membership options can be tailored to any client's needs, so we would like an opportunity to understand the aims of your organization. Our representatives are available to evaluate your company's needs and provide a demonstration that fits your requirements. From there, we can offer your company the best options based on our collaborative assessment.

Call IBISWorld today at 1-800-330-3772 or fill out an online contact form. Our friendly consultants look forward to discussing your business information needs.

What our Clients Like About Membership

Access 1000s of titles

Access thousands of up-to-date titles

We want to be your first stop when looking for research. We author an unrivaled number of reports, so whatever you're working on, we have a report covering it. Moreover, our reports are written to a consistent table of contents, meaning you know what kind of information is going to be in each report and where to find it. This breadth and consistency means that IBISWorld is a true enterprise solution.

Become a category specialist

Become an instant category specialist.

IBISWorld Procurement Research Reports exist so procurement professionals can get up-to-speed on the key trends affecting the purchasing of products and services. We provide your company with up-to-the-moment buyer intelligence that allows you to interact efficiently and effectively with user departments. Moreover, by seeing the bigger picture you can provide strategic advice and thinking to the C-suite.

BGet the right supplier

Get the right supplier ...

At the heart of any good buying decision is research - finding the right supplier and benchmarking that supplier company against its competitors to find best-in-class partners. IBISWorld Procurement Research will help you make that decision faster and with confidence. More time means, more resources to audit each purchasing line from the biggest to the smallest.

at the right price

... at the right price.

Once you have found the right supplier you need to negotiate the best deal. Knowing the key factors that drive prices and affect a supplier's business will allow you to determine pressure points that either increase your costs or supply chain risk and to find mutually beneficial ground on which to build lasting partnerships. Each IBISWorld Procurement Research Report has a series of tailored Negotiation Questions to guide you to the most cost-efficient "yes".