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Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental Procurement Research Report | Published: Mar 2017

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Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental: Procurement Research Report Highlights

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IBISWorld’s Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental Procurement Research Report provides the latest price data and the factors underpinning price movements, such as input costs and external demand drivers. The report identifies the leading suppliers of Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental and offers a strategic analysis of the key factors influencing the way the procurement market works. Data forecasts also accompany our analysis so your company can make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Report Snapshot
Price Forecast & Benchmarking
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Benchmark Price
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Profit Benchmark
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Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental - Recent Price Trend

Hot beverage vending machine rental rates have risen at an estimated average annual rate of 1.4% during the three years to 2017, primarily due to swelling demand and the rising cost of beverages. Rising purchase costs have applied upward pressure on prices as suppliers aim to protect their profit. Additionally, demand growth within the market has further strengthened suppliers’ pricing power... purchase to read more

Hot Beverage Vending Machine Rental - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with renting hot beverage vending machines is generally low, but heavily depends on the type of contract entered, and therefore may be much higher. The main costs to consider are related to electricity, servicing, repair and maintenance. Suppliers offering contracts with repair and maintenance services will include those costs within their monthly... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of hot beverage vending machine rental services. Vending companies rent or lease freestanding, tabletop and bean-to-cup hot beverage vending machines. Suppliers also provide consumables and maintenance and repair services for their machines. This report excludes the rental or purchase of vending machines that exclusively dispense food or cold beverages.

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