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Event Facilities Procurement Research Report | Published: Jun 2016

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Event Facilities: Procurement Research Report Highlights

Benchmark Price RFP/RFQ/Negotiation Questions
3-year Price Forecast Supply Chain Analysis
Supplier Intelligence Sample Buyer Decision Scorecard
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IBISWorld’s Event Facilities Procurement Research Report is a comprehensive guide to purchasing Event Facilities. This report offers strategic analysis of the factors influencing purchasing decisions, including price trends and three-year forecasts, input costs and demand factors, along with key suppliers and an analysis of the extended supply chain. Armed with the right procurement intelligence, your company will be able to make educated purchasing decisions.

Report Snapshot
Price Forecast & Benchmarking
Benchmark Price
Benchmark Price
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Profit Benchmark
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Event Facilities - Recent Price Trend

Event facility rental rates have risen at an average rate of about 1.5% per year from 2013 to 2016. Price increases are standard across the market among hotels, conference centers and universities, without a particular supplier type instituting significantly faster price growth than others. Moreover, intense market competition has dissuaded suppliers from instituting significant price increases... purchase to read more

Event Facilities - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership for event facility rentals depends on each specific rental request, but is high on average. A high total cost of ownership indicates that buyers pay more than 100.0% of the purchase price of their rental in additional service-related costs. Buyers face a variety of ancillary charges that include insurance, staffing, room resets, as well as food and beverages.A buyer... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist renters of event facilities. Event facilities include banquet rooms, exhibit halls, conference rooms, classrooms and more. Conference centers, hotels and universities are the primary suppliers of event facility rentals. Buyers rent event facilities for a variety of uses, such as corporate meetings and business expositions. This report does not cover hotel room rental, conference and trade show planning services or audiovisual equipment rental.

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