5 Industries Benefiting from Wedding Season


LOS ANGELES – Apr. 2, 2013 – Recovering disposable incomes are encouraging consumers to boost their spending on wedding festivities, which they held back on during the recession. With average spending on weddings on the rise, the massive $50.6-billion Wedding Services industry is expected to grow 2.3 percent in the next five years.  As consumers are expected to spend more on special items for their big day, industry research firm IBISWorld has identified six subindustries set to benefit.


2013-2018 Growth*

2018 Revenue*

Lingerie, Swimwear & Bridal Stores


$17.9 billion



$8.9 billion



$9.0 billion



$10.5 billion

Taxi and Limousine Services


$12.7 billion

Formal Wear and Costume Rental


$957.8 million

*IBISWorld Forecast


IBISWorld estimates that spending on attire makes up about 9.1 percent of Wedding Services industry revenue. The Formal Wear and Costume Rental industry, which includes men’s clothing items, such as tuxedos and accessories, is expected to fall over the next five years as purchasing becomes a better buy for consumers than renting.  However, the men’s formal rentals segment is expected rise from 58.0 percent of the industry’s revenue in 2007 to 60.0 percent in 2013.

On the contrary, because purchasing formal clothing is becoming a better option than renting, the Lingerie, Swimwear and Bridal Stores industry is primped to grow. Improving incomes will rouse consumers to purchase these discretionary products, leading to annualized revenue growth of 4.4 percent to $17.9 billion dollars for the industry over the five years to 2018.


Spending on food and drink services make up an estimated 25.6 percent of the Wedding Services industry. Engagements and weddings are expected to account for about 30.0 percent of the Catering industry’s revenue. “To boost growth, some catering companies have begun to increase their in-house offerings to include wedding planning and floral arrangements,” says IBISWorld industry analyst Lauren Setar. In an attempt to become one-stop shops for every client’s event-planning needs, this trend is helping industry revenue rise an estimated 2.9 percent in 2013 alone, and an annualized 2.3 percent to $8.9 billion over the next five years.


The Florists industry is expected to bloom as the economy recovers, rising an average annual 2.1 percent to $9.0 billion over the next five years. Following the tradition of ladies carrying bouquets and gentlemen sporting boutonnieres, about 10.0 percent of florists’ revenue is derived from weddings, which makes up about 5.1 percent of the overall Wedding Services industry.


Transportation services generate about 7.1 percent of the Wedding Services industry’s revenue. With more money in consumers’ pockets to spend on stylish transportation, the Taxi and Limousine Services industry is expected to grow an annualized 3.2 percent in the five years to 2018, reaching $12.7 billion.


Spending on photography services makes up about 13.5 percent of the Wedding Services industry’s revenue. Luckily for operators, demand for commercial photography is expected to increase as people that delayed their weddings or reduced their spending during the recession zoom in on professionals to commemorate their special day, pushing revenue up an annualized 1.8 percent to $10.5 billion over the next five years.

Other industries associated with weddings, including Party Supply RentalParty and Event Planners, and Independent Performers and Creative Artists, are poised for growth as well as the season of celebration gets into full swing.

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