Are You Ready for the Next Recession? Part 2

Learn more about the 8 factors that determine the health of your commercial portfolio.

Fundamentals that all bankers should know and use regardless of where we sit in the credit/economic cycle.  

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Where we sit in a credit cycle is difficult to predict. If not impossible. Credit performance, like delinquencies and charge-offs, lags well behind business cycles.

Recession warning signs aren’t always obvious. Seasoned bankers know this and bank regulators will “test” a bank's theories, practices, models and policies.

Yet there are fundamental factors that are often ignored by commercial banks: The Eight Deadly Sins of Lending. Fundamentals that matter regardless of where we sit in the credit/economic cycle. These basics become increasingly relevant to bank performance when the uncertainty of the next recession’s gloom creeps forward despite seemingly good news on the economic front.