State of the Nation: 2018 Industry Trends and Why They Matter
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Join us for State of the Nation: 2018 Industry Trends and Why They Matter – a webinar uncovering industry trends from the past year and how these trends tell a broader story about the evolving US economy. 

Though 2018 marks another year of overall expansion, it is only part of the story, with growth lacking consistency both across sectors and within industries. Listen in as IBISWorld’s Lead Editor, Kieran Newton, interviews Senior Strategic Market Research Analyst, Robert Miles, and Senior Technical Analyst, Viraj D’Costa, on: 

  • What industries are growing and in decline, and why? 
  • Employment Trends: Which industries are driving US employment growth? 
  • Industry Migration: Which states are the winners and losers as industries shift within the US? 
  • The Next Recession: Which industries are likely to perform well, and which will falter when the next recession hits?
Rob Miles
Senior Strategic Market Research Analyst, IBISWorld

As a strategic analyst, Rob supports the production and distribution of timely, market-focused content and works on the generation of new research products/tools. Rob has also worked as a senior industry analyst, specializing in automotive, material handling and general machinery manufacturing. Additionally, Rob works with the IBISWorld risk products, supporting applications and was part of IBISWorld’s Internal Forecasting Team. 

Viraj D’Costa
Senior Technical Analyst, IBISWorld

As Senior Technical Analyst, Viraj manages IBISWorld’s Internal Forecasting team, who maintain and update the forecasts and write-ups within the Business Environment Database. As part of this team, Viraj works with our risk products, supporting the production and maintenance of IBISWorld’s Risk Ratings Reports. Additionally, Viraj has previously worked as a senior industry analyst, with core competencies in power and utilities, financials and nondurable goods manufacturing.  

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