Economic Performance in the Face of Trade Winds
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The Economic Performance in the Face of Trade Winds: Recent Trends in Sectors and Trade Conditions is a webinar covering the most recent industry data points and what they tell us about the current state of the US economy. 

GDP growth has been strong and jobs reports remain positive, however, uncertainty remains as international trade developments begin to take hold.  

Join in as IBISWorld’s Chief Operating Officer, Carmen McKinney, Vice President of Production, Jocelyn Phillips, and Senior Strategic Market Research Analyst Rob Miles discuss: 

  • How economic indicators drive industry performance 
  • What the developments in trade relations mean for industries 
  • Insights into sector performance in the US, past, present, and outlook

About IBISWorld 

IBISWorld employs teams of dedicated expert analysts in the US, UK, and Australia who scour economic, demographic and market data, while adding analytical insight that helps organizations of all types make better business decisions. 

IBISWorld's suite of market intelligence reports will keep you abreast of thousands of industries around the globe. Our Industry Market Research provides you with a better understanding of predicted market conditions, paints a clearer picture of supply and source industries and allows you to easily monitor competitor activity in your industry. 

Carmen McKinney
Chief Operating Officer, US Industry, IBISWorld

Carmen McKinney has been with IBISWorld since 2010 and oversees all operations regarding the US industry in North America. The focus during her tenure is optimizing client experience, helping drive innovation at IBISWorld to provide business information the market needs. Significant additions to the company’s product suite under her guidance include Call Prep insights, a sales acceleration tool currently available on the Salesforce AppExchange, and the US State Industry Reports. 

Rob Miles
Senior Strategic Market Research Analyst, IBISWorld

As a strategic analyst, Rob supports the production and distribution of timely, market-focused content and works on the generation of new research products/tools. Rob has also worked as a senior industry analyst, specializing in automotive, material handling and general machinery manufacturing. Additionally, Rob works with the IBISWorld Risk product, supporting applications and was part of IBISWorld’s internal forecasting team. 

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