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The Top 3 Tools Your Insight Experts Need from You

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by Kiera Outlaw
Aug 30 2019

In Insight on Sales, Strategy & Success: How to Win Over Knowledgeable Buyers, we discussed the importance of arming sales reps with market intelligence to meet buyers’ growing expectations. We also discussed how the days of being a trusted advisor are over. Buyers are increasingly demanding that sales reps have a firm understanding of their company, their challenges and even their industry’s operating environment.

Now, sales reps must become insight experts.

As their leader, your insight experts need you to provide the resources they need to effectively navigate sales conversations with prospects. While insight experts’ specific needs can vary according to their specific level of expertise and skill, certain elements are essential to their success. Here are the top three tools insight experts need from you to ensure their success:


Knowledge of industries

Buyers want to work with sales professionals who understand their operational environment and the challenges they face. This genuine understanding of their prospect’s business is the only way sales professionals can tailor a solution to meet buyers’ needs. However, even the best insight experts cannot possibly be an authority on every vertical your product services. If your product services 50 industries, buyers expect your insight experts to know the ins and outs of each of those 50, often vastly different, industries.

Your insight experts will need your help filling their knowledge gaps because they will undoubtedly have many. To properly support them, you’ll need to give your team access to a resource that can get them up-to-speed on any industry in a short period of time.



An insight expert’s defining characteristic is leading with insight. Leading with insight takes more than just knowing what’s happening in an industry. It necessitates finding a connection between what’s happening in the industry and what’s happening in the client’s business that the buyer either wasn’t aware of or hadn’t considered. It involves creating an ‘aha’ moment in the mind of the buyer, which proves that the sales professional deeply understands their client’s business.

Seeing those connections requires access to a resource that not only provides substantial insight, but also offers thought-provoking, role-specific questions to stimulate discussion and elicit more useful information from relevant buyers.


Quick access

To be effective and efficient, your sales professionals need quick, 24/7 access to an information resource that enables them to communicate at the level of an insight expert. Sales professionals spend nearly 50% of their time in Salesforce or a similar CRM. Therefore, a resource that lives in the AppExchange is crucial to their success. Sales reps’ ability to conduct their research while simultaneously performing administrative functions on sales accounts is incredibly beneficial to their productivity.


Now that you’ve identified the right tools for your industry experts, it’s time to give them access to the one resource that addresses all of these needs.

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