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The Industries Cashing In On Our Health And Fitness Resolutions

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by Bao Vuong
Jan 10 2019

With many Australians feeling a few kilos heavier after the festive season, IBISWorld analysts expect the new year’s health and fitness resolutions to help a variety of industries thrive in 2019. In particular, the Gyms and Fitness Centres industry, the Organic Farming industry and some players in the Fast Food and Takeaway Food services industry are anticipated to benefit from the Australian population’s increasing health consciousness.


Gyms and Fitness Centres

According to IBISWorld, the Australian population is becoming increasingly aware of physical activity’s health benefits, particularly as people feel the added pressure to get into shape after the festive break.

Coupled with high obesity levels, this continued rise in health consciousness will benefit the Gyms and Fitness Centres industry in 2018-19 by encouraging more people to attend gyms and fitness centres to improve their health and wellbeing.

“The health consciousness trend has also been fuelled by wider social trends, such as fitness inspiration posts on Instagram, which will help boost the Gym and Fitness Centres industry’s performance. As a result, industry revenue is expected to grow by 2.6% in 2018-19, to $2.5 billion,” said IBISWorld Senior Industry Analyst, Bao Vuong.


Organic Farming

In addition to increasingly understanding the importance and benefits of regular exercise, the new year also results in a change in diet for a significant share of the Australian population. IBISWorld expects this trend to contribute substantially to growth for farmers in the Organic Farming industry, as more consumers turn to organic food products for their perceived health benefits.

“Many consumers view organic food as being healthier than conventionally produced food, as it is free from chemical residues or preservatives, antibiotics, animal growth hormones and irradiation.

“Furthermore, some studies have shown that organic foods have more vitamins and minerals than conventionally farmed products, although this is yet to be widely accepted as fact. Australia’s rising health consciousness is one of the major reasons behind the Organic Farming industry’s expected revenue growth of 18.2% in the current financial year,” said Mr Vuong.


Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services

Despite not obviously benefiting from rising health consciousness, IBISWorld anticipates that increasing health consciousness will benefit some operators in the Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services industry. Although a rise in health consciousness will likely reduce demand for traditional fast-food options, it also provides opportunities for new or existing players to expand into niche health food markets.

“Growing consumer awareness of the importance of healthy eating will encourage fast-food operators to adapt to health consciousness trends in 2018-19, especially as those looking to get into shape seek out healthier options from takeaway food establishments.

“What this shows is that to be successful in the ever-changing food-service sector, operators need to either adapt or be left behind. As fast food is not usually associated with healthy eating, increased health consciousness is expected to drag on industry revenue in the current year,” said Mr Vuong.

Consequently, IBISWorld expects revenue for the Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services industry to fall by 0.1% in 2018-19. However, fast-food operators that provide healthy alternatives, such as poke bowls or low-carb options, are anticipated to significantly outperform their competitors.


Outlook on Australian health trends

With new year’s resolutions in full force, the effects of rising health consciousness are more amplified for certain industries at the beginning of the calendar year.

According to IBISWorld, increased public awareness of the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise is expected to most notably affect gyms and fitness centres, organic farms and fast-food operators, both positively and negatively.

“The increasing range of diets and exercise programs available will continue contributing to growth for organic farms and gyms in the current year. At the same time, the rise in healthy eating will continue to limit demand and growth for fast-food operators, particularly for those offering unhealthy foods. However, these health trends will present opportunities for fast-food establishments to expand their healthy offerings and introduce new products to cater to this growing market,” said Mr Vuong.


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