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IBISWorld is Launching Over 200 On Demand Titles for the UK

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by IBISWorld
Oct 01 2019

IBISWorld is pleased to provide over 200 additional UK titles On-Demand.

Our SIC industry report collection is the bedrock of our library, but we know that SIC can often be too broad when dealing with small or new industries. The ONS has not updated the SIC codes since 2007, and technological advancements and changing social trends have allowed a vast number of new and rapidly growing industries to emerge.

For those industries we are responding by launching our UK On Demand collection, which includes a range of reports not covered by the SIC codes and a number of more niche SIC titles. Alongside our core collection of 400+ UK and 100 Ireland industry reports, over 200 on demand titles will soon be available. Each report will be written upon request and sent directly to you within five business days of your purchase.

IBISWorld’s On Demand titles will complement our core collection of industry reports by offering new information across a range of niche and emerging industries, providing analysis where independent and credible research is hard to find. The new reports will offer a more expansive view of the UK economy, helping you to better understand economic trends and industry performance across the United Kingdom. If your business is looking for granular, analytical insight into a wider range of industries, IBISWorld has the information you need.

For more information on our On Demand collection, please visit ibisworld.co.uk, or contact us at info@ibisworld.co.uk or 020 7222 9898.

To request a free demonstration of IBISWorld’s Industry Research, please complete the form located here.

For a printable PDF of the full list of UK On Demand titles, click here, or see the full list below.


3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping Services 

Activated Carbon Manufacturing 

Agricultural Machinery Equipment Rental & Leasing 

Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing 

Alternative Fuelled Vehicle Manufacturing 

Amusement & Theme Parks 

Antique Stores 

Asian Restaurants 

Athletic Shoe Stores 

Augmented Reality 

Baby & Infant Clothing Stores 

Bakery Cafes 

Battery & Accumulator Manufacturing 

Bed & Mattress Retailers 

Beef Cattle Farming 

Bicycle Manufacturing 

Bicycle Retailing 

Biometrics Scan Technology 

Botanical & Zoological Gardens 

Brand Consultancy 

Brick Manufacturing 

Budget Airlines 

Business Intelligence & Analytics Software Publishing 

Business Process Outsourcing Services 

Car Parks  

Car Sharing Activities 

Cargo Handling Activities 

Ceramic Tile Manufacturing 

Cheese Production 

Children's Book Publishing 

Civil Engineering Project Construction 

Coach & Bus Transport 

Cocoa & Chocolate Confectionery Production 

Colocation Facilities 

Commercial Art Galleries 

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Commercial Property Remodelling 

Commercial Real Estate Agents 

Commercial Real Estate Consultancy 

Construction Contractors 

Cooking Oil Recycling 

Corporate Housing 

Corporate Law Firms 

Cosmetic Surgeons Clinics 

Cosmetics Retailers 

Courier Activities 

Craft Beer Production 

CRM System Providers 

Crude Petroleum Extraction 

Dating Services 


Dietetic Food Production 

Digital Advertising Agencies 

Digital Printing 

Direct Selling & Marketing 

Domiciliary Care 

Driving Schools 

Duty-Free Stores 

Earthmoving Equipment Manufacturing 

E-Book Publishing 

Electronic Measurement Instruments Manufacturing 

Environmental Consultants 

Fast Food Franchises 


Financial Advisors 

Fleet Telematics Systems 

Food Stalls & Markets 

Forensic Accounting Services 

Formal Menswear Retailers 

Fraud Detection Software Developers 

Fuel Cards 

Furniture & Hardware Wholesaling 

Gas Detection Device Manufacturing 

Gin Production 

Golf Courses 

Graphic Design Activities 

Hand Power Tool Manufacturing 

Hazardous Waste Collection & Treatment 

Headphone Manufacturing 

Health & Medical Reinsurance 

Health-care Consultants 

Health-care Staff Recruitment Agencies 

Hedge Funds 

Hops Farming 

Horse Racing Activities 

Hospices & Palliative Care Centres 

Hospital Building Construction 

Ice Cream Stores 

Identity Theft Protection Services 

Independent Label Music Production 

Industrial & Fluid Power Valve Manufacturing 

Infant Formula Manufacturing 

Interior Design Activities 

Internet Publishing & Broadcasting 

Internet Radio Broadcasting 

IT Security Consulting 

Kitchen & Cookware Stores 

Language Learning Software Developers 

Lawn & Garden Equipment Manufacturing 

Leather & Fur Processing 

LED Lighting Retailing 

LED Manufacturing 

Life Reinsurance 

Lingerie Stores 

Lithium Battery Manufacturing 

Luggage, Handbags & Harness Manufacturing 

Luxury Product Retailers 

Major Label Music Production 

Marketing Consultants 

Marketing Technology 

Metal & Metal Powder Processing 

Metal Forging, Pressing & Stamping 

Military Fighting Vehicle Manufacturing 

Mortgage Brokers 


Music Downloading & Streaming Services 

Natural Gas Liquid Processing 

News Syndicates 

Non-Dairy Milk Production 

Non-Domestic Cooling & Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing 

Non-Electronic Measurement Instrument Manufacturing 

Non-ferrous Metal Recycling 

Off-Road Vehicle Manufacturing 

Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment Manufacturing 

Online Book Retailers 

Online Car Dealers & Automotive Goods Retailers 

Online Computer & Tablet Retailers 

Online Food Ordering & Delivery Platforms 

Online Footwear Retailers 

Online Grocery Retailers 

Online Handbag & Luggage Retailers 

Online Men's Clothing Retailers 

Online Payment Processing Software Developers 

Online Perfume & Cosmetics Retailers 

Online Pet Food & Pet Supply Retailing 

Online Recruitment Sites 

Online Small Electrical Appliance Retailers 

Online Sporting Clothing Retailers 

Online Travel Agencies 

Online Vitamin & Supplement Retailing 

Operating Systems & Productivity Software Publishing 

Optical Precision Instruments Manufacturing 

Optometry Services 

Organic Crop Farming 

Organic Livestock Farming 

Orphanages & Homeless Shelters 

Other Furniture Manufacturing 

Other Non-Ferrous Metals Casting 

Other Tank, Reservoir & Metal Container Manufacturing 

Oven, Furnace & Furnace Burners Manufacturing 

Over-The-Counter Medicine Manufacturing 

Parquet Floor Manufacturing 

Party & Event Planners 

Pawn Shops 

Payment Systems 

Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms 

Pet Food Wholesaling 

Pets & Pet Supplies Retailers 

Pig Farming 

Pizza & Italian Restaurants 

Plastic Construction Supplies Manufacturing 

Point-of-Sale Software Developers 

Potato Farming 

Power Circuit Breaker Manufacturing 

Precision Agriculture Systems & Services 

Precision Engineering 

Prepared Pet Food Manufacturing 

Pressure Sensor Manufacturing 

Property & Casualty Reinsurance 

Property Management Services 

Public Galleries 

Pulp Manufacturing 

Quantity Surveyors 

Real-Time Traffic Information Providers 

Recreational and Sports Goods Rental & Leasing 

Reinsurance Brokers 

Research on Natural Sciences & Engineering 

Residential Estate Agents 

Respiratory Protection Equipment Manufacturing 

Retirement Villages 

Safe & Vault Manufacturing 

Sandwich & Sub Store Franchises 

Satellite TV Providers 

Saunas & Solariums 

Scale & Balance Manufacturing 

Scrap Metal Recycling 

Skincare Product Manufacturing 

Smart Meter Manufacturing 

Social Media Platforms 

Social Network Game Development 

Software Testing Services 

Solar Panel Installation 

Speech & Voice Recognition Software Developers 

Starch Product Manufacturing 

Student Accommodation 

Tax Preparation Software Developers 

Telegraph & Telephone Equipment Manufacturing 

Telehealth Services 

Third-Party Logistics 

Tunnel Construction 

Tyre & Rubber Recycling 

Underwear Manufacturing 

Urban Planning & Landscape Architectural Activities 

Urgent Care Centres 

Video Downloading & Streaming Services 

Video Games 

Virtual Data Rooms 

Vodka Distilleries 

Waste-to-Energy Plant Operation 

Weapon & Ammunition Manufacturing 

Web Design Services 

Wedding Venues 

Whisky Production 

Wind Power Generation 

Window Cleaning Services 

Wine Bars 

Wireless Internet Service Providers 

Workwear Manufacturing 

Youth Hostels