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United Kingdom / Press Releases
100 German Translations Released

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by IBISWorld
May 01 2019

IBISWorld is pleased to provide the first 100 translated German reports in a collection that will cover all 400 German industries in our collection.

IBISWorld’s German translated reports provide granular, analytical insight into the industries that make up the German economy, with the collection covering a final total of 400 reports, at the four-digit level provided across each of our geographies.

IBISWorld’s German collection is written by our dedicated research team, based in the Frankfurt office, and the new English translations provide considerable breadth and depth of understanding of the German market, with the ease of use you have come to expect from IBISWorld research.

Whether you are seeking new expansion opportunities abroad, assessing international benchmarks, or looking to develop greater export capacities, IBISWorld has the information your business needs on Germany, at your fingertips.


For a pdf brochure illustrating what IBISWorld's translated German reports can offer you, please click here.


Currently available German reports (corresponding to UK SIC codes), are available here.

The following translated report titles, listed below the infographic, are currently already available:



B - Mining and Quarrying

B05.00 DE Coal Mining
B06.00 DE Crude Petroleum & Nautral Gas Extraction
B08.11 DE Stone Quarrying
B08.12 DE Sand & Gravel Mining
B08.93 DE Salt Extraction

C - Manufacturing

C10.11 DE Meat Processing
C10.12 DE Poultry Meat Processing
C10.13 DE Meat Product Manufacturing
C10.31 DE Potato Chip & Snack Production
C10.32 DE Juice Production
C10.51 DE Dairy Product Production
C10.61 DE Grain Milling
C10.71 DE Bread & Bakery Goods Production
C10.73 DE Pasta Product Manufacturing
C10.81 DE Sugar Manufacturing
C10.82 DE Chocolate & Confectionery Manufacturing
C10.85 DE Prepared Meal Manufacturing
C11.01 DE Spirits Production
C11.02 DE Wine Production
C11.05 DE Beer Production
C11.07 DE Soft Drink & Bottled Water Production
C13.20 DE Textile Weaving
C13.30 DE Textile Finishing
C14.00 DE Clothing Manufacturing
C15.20 DE Footwear Manufacturing
C17.12 DE Paper & Paperboard Manufacturing
C17.21 DE Cardboard Packaging & Paper Bag Manufacturing
C17.22 DE Sanitary Product Manufacturing
C18.11 DE Newspaper Printing
C18.12 DE Printing
C19.20 DE Petrolem Refining
C20.11 DE Industrial Gas Production
C20.12 DE Dye & Pigment Manufacturing
C20.14 DE Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing
C20.15 DE Fertiliser & Nitrogen Compound Manufacturing
C20.16 DE Primary Form Plastics Manufacturing
C20.17 DE Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing
C20.20 DE Pesticide & Other Agrochemical Manufacturing
C20.30 DE Paint, Coatings & Printing Ink Manufacturing
C20.41 DE Soap, Detergent & Cleaning Product Manufacturing
C20.60 DE Synthetic Fibre Manufacturing
C21.20 DE Pharmaceutical Preparations Manufacturing
C22.11 DE Tyre Manufacturing
C22.19 DE Rubber Product Manufacturing
C26.70 DE Optical Instruments & Photographic Equipment Manufacturing
C28.30 DE Agricultural & Forestry Machinery Manufacturing
C29.10 DE Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
C29.30 DE Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories Manufacturing
C30.11 DE Shipbuilding
C30.20 DE Railway Equipment Manufacturing
C31.03 DE Mattress Manufacturing
C32.20 DE Musical Instrument Manufacturing
C32.40 DE Toy Production
C32.50 DE Medical & Dental Instrument Manufacturing

D - Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply

D35.10 DE Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
D35.30 DE Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply

E - Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities

E37.00DE Sewerage
E38.10 DE Waste Collection
E38.20 DE Waste Treatment & Disposal

F - Construction

F41.10 DE Building Project Development
F42.11 DE Road & Motorway Construction
F42.12 DE Railway & Underground Railway Construction
F43.21 DE Electricians
F43.22 DE Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Installation
F43.33 DE Floor & Wall Covering
F43.91 DE Roofing Activities

G - Wholesale & Retail Trade

G45.11 DE Car Dealers
G45.20 DE Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
G45.31 DE Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling
G46.31 DE Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling
G46.34 DE Beverage Wholesaling
G46.35 DE Tobacco Product Wholesaling
G46.36 DE Confectionery Wholesaling
G46.39 DE Grocery Wholesaling
G46.42 DE Clothing & Footwear Wholesaling
G46.52 DE Electronic & Telecommunications Equipment Wholesaling
G46.61 DE Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling
G47.24 DE Bakery Product Retailing
G47.52 DE Hardware & Home Improvment Stores
G47.54 DE Electrical Household Appliance Retailing
G47.91 DE E-Commerce & Online Auctions

H - Transportation & Storage

H49.31 DE Urban Passenger Land Transport
H49.39 DE Long-Distance Bus Transport
H49.41 DE Freight Road Transport
H53.00 DE Postal & Courier Activities

I - Accommodation & Food Service Activities

I55.10 DE Hotels
I56.11 DE Full-Service Restaurants

J - Information and Communication

J60.20 DE Television Programming & Broadcasting

K - Financial and Insurance Activities

K64.19 DE Building Societies
K66.22 DE Insurance Agents & Brokers

M - Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities

M71.11 DE Architectural Activities
M73.11 DE Advertising Agencies
M74.30 DE Transportation & Interpretation Activities
M75.00 DE Veterinary Services

N - Administrative and Support Service Activities

N77.11 DE Car Rental & Leasing
N80.10 DE Private Security Activities
N81.21 DE General Building Cleaning
N81.30 DE Landscaping Services
N82.92 DE Packaging Services

Q - Human Health and Social Work Activities

Q86.21 DE General Medical Practices
Q86.22 DE Specialist Medical Practices
Q86.23 DE Dental Practices

S - Other Service Activities

S96.020 DE Hairdressing & Beauty Treatment