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52 - The Meatless Revolution
by The IBISWorld Podcast Team
Jun 28 2019

It's summer! We've got our hats on backwards and it's time to barbecue. This Fourth of July, though, there might be some more options on the grill, because meatless meats are gaining some serious groundswell.

To celebrate the holiday (and the end of IBISWorld's fiscal year!), analysts Nick Masters and John Madigan agreed to sit down with host and plant product enthusiast Kieran Newton to discuss the economic landscape for meat. These new options are exciting, but which operators are able to benefit from these new advances? How are cattle farmers going to compete, now that they're not the only game in town?

Let us know your thoughts and questions about these crazy newfangled meats, as well as your suggestions for episode topics, over at our email: podcasts(at)ibisworld.com!