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40 - Our strange, self-driving future (Rabbithole #1)
by The IBISWorld Podcast Team
Mar 08 2019

Imagine, if you will: 20 years from now, self-driving cars are the new norm. Where do you go to buy one, if you even can? Who's making these vehicles? And most importantly, how did this even happen?

These are the questions tackled on this week's episode of the IBISWorld podcast, featuring analysts Devin Savaskan and Dan Cook and hosted by Kieran Newton. The three debate the various ways autonomous vehicles could enter the mainstream and what this might mean for everything from insurance companies to truckers. It's a strange future, and it's full speed ahead.

This is the first installment of Rabbithole, another new segment we're trying that uses current data as the basis for economic thought experiments. Let us know what you think and send any questions you'd like answered to podcasts@ibisworld.com!

Additional research by Chris Lombardo