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36 - Fast Food vs. Fast Casual: The Blurring Battlefront
by The IBISWorld Podcast Team
Jan 23 2019

A decade ago, "fast casual" began to be recognized as the new disruptive trend in quick service food, drawing a line in the sand between the established giant brands and the new upstarts. Now, however, that's all starting to change. 

IBISWorld editor Sean Egan and analyst Rachel Hyland use Taco Bell's odd 2019 "resolutions" to take a deeper dive into the fast food space, discussing major brands' new personalities, what they've learned from the fast casual space, and where the industry goes from here.

(Minor correction: Sean mentions at the end of the episode that we'll be back in two weeks; we'll actually be back on February 13th to maintain our standard production schedule. See you then!)