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Effectively Manage Supply Chain Risk
by IBISWorld
Oct 21 2019

Supply Chain RiskEnsuring your success within an industry and hedging against inherent risk means quickly understanding what affects the industries in your supply chain. It also means being able to identify the opportunities and threats across all industries. Essentially, your business's success relies on effectively managing your supply chain risk. 

For example, if a key supplier or buyer industry is struggling, then that could mean that all industries in your supply chain may be struggling. Understanding the level of risk along your supply chain will help you decide how much risk your business can take on, which suppliers you need to re-evaluate and where to draw the line.


Having a visual and interactive representation of the supply chain makes the task of managing it much easier.

My IBISWorld will offer you access to an unmatched breadth of industry reports, all of which will have an innovative, interactive supply chain illustration. In addition to the chart displaying industry connections, it also uses colors and symbols to indicate the level of risk associated with each industry. Clicking these industry connections will take you straight to that industry’s report for further information. As we analyze every industry in an economy, there’ll be no gaps in your knowledge.

The new layout also gives you direct access to an industry’s Risk Rating report, so you can further inspect the risks associated with an industry and develop a deeper understanding of how it will impact your business.



My IBISWorld aims to help you find the right answer in the right format. We’ve made many enhancements to help us reach this goal and better meet your needs. To see the new enhancements in action, book a live demonstration now