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Webinar: Risk Exposures in Commercial Banking Amid COVID-19

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by IBISWorld
Mar 18 2020

Watch On Demand: Risk Exposures in Commercial Banking Amid COVID-19.

This webinar details how the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic introduces new risks to the commercial banking sector. Hosted by IBISWorld’s Head of Product Development, Jocelyn Phillips and our Chief Economist and Chief Financial Architect, Dr. Richard Buczynski.

In the presentation, we discuss:

  • COVID-19’s economic impact including trade analysis
  • Which sectors and industries are most at risk
  • Our new COVID-19 Exposure Analysis Tool


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In the last portion of the webinar, Jocelyn walked through key updates IBISWorld has made. First, she discussed our Coronavirus Impact Updates - available within our industry research reports as impacted industries are updated.

IBISWorld COVID-19 Impact Update

We also shared our online Coronavirus Industry Exposure Tool which will help you detect potential points of exposure that will inform your strategy and guide our work to integrate the latest trends into our industry research.

If you have any specific questions about how coronavirus is impacting industries in your environment, please reach out to your IBISWorld representative.