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Industry Madness: Performance Bracket

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by Rob Miles, Senior Strategic Market Research Analyst
Mar 19 2019

Comparing industries can sometimes seem like a straightforward affair, often leading to a search for the fastest-growing or maybe most profitable industries. However, comparing performance is never that simple. How has an industry performed this year, compared with its annualized rate over the previous five? Is the industry displaying a high level of revenue per employee? Is it still risky despite its revenue growth?

IBISWorld’s industry performance bracket ranks the top 16 industries as measured by their annualized revenue growth from 2014 to 2019. From there, the industries are matched against each other and each layer of comparison helps to illustrate how high-level measures only tell part of the story.

The number one seed overall in IBISWorld’s industry bracket is Solar Power in the United States, which we also have down to win the whole tournament. The robust performance of industries with higher five-year growth rates in the 2019 industry bracket is suggestive of the staying power of recently strong industries. These industries are expected to continue their stout performance in 2019.


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