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Acquisitive Appetite: Consolidation in UK industries

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by IBISWorld
Jul 18 2018

Articles in this series:

Stacking the Deck: Betting on Consolidation

A Shot in the Arm: Chemists Seek Wider Scope

Stacking Up: Supermarkets Fight for Market Share

In this upcoming series, IBISWorld looks at consolidation activity within the Gambling and Betting Activities, Dispensing Chemists and Supermarkets industries.

Pressed to increase market share, cut costs and boost returns through economies of scale, the number of UK M&A deals reached a record high in 2017 and consolidation activity has proved strategically important for a number of firms facing regulatory or competitive pressure.

Many larger firms have undertaken M&A activity to invigorate their performance and shift their focus to more lucrative spheres. In the Gambling and Betting Activities industry, for example, online betting has been key, and Paddy Power has stated that it expects over 90% of future growth to be in the mobile market. A similar digital shift has also spurred consolidation activity amongst chemists, whilst large supermarkets have faced their own disruptors in the form of the discounters.

To open the series, IBISWorld explores consolidation activity in the Gambling and Betting Activities industry with the Rank Group's £179 million acquisition of Gala Casinos in 2013 kicking off a spate of notable mergers and acquisitions that show little sign of abating.