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Modems Procurement Research Report | Published: Jun 2014

Helping businesses make better purchasing decisions, faster

Modems: Procurement Research Report Highlights

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3-year Price Forecast Supply Chain Analysis
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IBISWorld’s Modems Procurement Research Report is a comprehensive guide to purchasing Modems. This report offers strategic analysis of the factors influencing purchasing decisions, including price trends and three-year forecasts, input costs and demand factors, along with key suppliers and an analysis of the extended supply chain. Armed with the right procurement intelligence, your company will be able to make educated purchasing decisions.

Report Snapshot
Price Forecast & Benchmarking
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Benchmark Price
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Profit Benchmark
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Modems - Recent Price Trend

The price of modems is expected to fall an average of 0.7% annually in the three years to 2015. The price has steadily fallen in the face of rising input prices and demand due to fierce price competition among suppliers. The price of circuit boards, the main component in modems, has risen over the past three years, driving up manufacturing costs and having an upward effect on the price of modems... purchase to read more

Modems - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of owning a modem is low. After purchase, a modem need only be plugged in and hooked up to a cable or telephone line to function. The modem does require electric power to operate, but this cost is very low in comparison to the purchase price. Otherwise, the modem should operate for several years without interruption. Modem malfunctions do occur, but a warranty covering the first... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of modems. Short for modulator-demodulator, a modem is a device that converts data between analog and digital forms, allowing computers to transmit data, such as over a telephone line. This report includes phone modems, DSL modems, cable modems, modem cards and modem software.

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