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Graphics & Photo Imaging Software Procurement Research Report | Published: Mar 2016

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Graphics & Photo Imaging Software: Procurement Research Report Highlights

Benchmark Price RFP/RFQ/Negotiation Questions
3-year Price Forecast Supply Chain Analysis
Supplier Intelligence Sample Buyer Decision Scorecard
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IBISWorld’s Graphics & Photo Imaging Software Procurement Research Report is a comprehensive guide to purchasing Graphics & Photo Imaging Software. This report offers strategic analysis of the factors influencing purchasing decisions, including price trends and three-year forecasts, input costs and demand factors, along with key suppliers and an analysis of the extended supply chain. Armed with the right procurement intelligence, your company will be able to make educated purchasing decisions.

Report Snapshot
Price Forecast & Benchmarking
Benchmark Price
Benchmark Price
Price Change 11-14
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Profit Benchmark
Profit Benchmark
Price Change 14-17
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Graphics & Photo Imaging Software - Recent Price Trend

In the three years to 2016, the average price of graphics and photo imaging software has been gradually declining at an estimated annualized rate of 1.0%. During this period, suppliers have been afforded large profit margins, which have provided them substantial price flexibility to negotiate on price. Meanwhile, as the functionality of free open-source software has improved, competition within... purchase to read more

Graphics & Photo Imaging Software - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for graphics and photo imaging software is medium. When assessing the TCO, buyers should consider which pricing model best fits their needs, how often they will upgrade and the cost of related hardware and software. TCO has declined over the past three years due to the increasing use of SaaS, reducing the need for buyers to purchase their own hardware to run the... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of graphics and photo imaging software, with a focus on desktop applications. This software is used for image editing, photo retouching, graphic design, illustrations and other visual media. Buyers generally purchase licenses directly from software publishers, but can also purchase the software from retailers and resellers. This report does not include video editing, web design, desktop publishing or computer-aided design software.

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