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Electrical Safety Devices Procurement Research Report | Published: Dec 2014

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Electrical Safety Devices: Procurement Research Report Highlights

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If your company is looking to save time and money during the initial stages of the buying process, IBISWorld’s Electrical Safety Devices procurement research will provide you with the tools necessary to do just that. This report breaks down the data and analysis behind buying Electrical Safety Devices, such as pricing dynamics, supply chain risks and external demand drivers. Your company will also gain expert negotiation tactics to help gain leverage when working with suppliers.

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Benchmark Price
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Electrical Safety Devices - Recent Price Trend

During the past three years, prices for electrical safety devices have risen at an estimated average annual rate of 1.0% due to increasing demand trends. Falling copper prices have helped mitigate the effects of other rising input costs such as plastic used in device housings. Suppliers pass these input cost changes to buyers in the form of lower product prices. In 2013, the growth in input costs... purchase to read more

Electrical Safety Devices - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of electrical safety devices extends beyond the sales price of the device itself. Buyers also must pay shipping fees to have the product transported from the supplier's warehouse to the buyer. Shipping costs vary based on the supplier. Some suppliers will not charge an additional fee for shipping. However, on average, shipping costs around $12 for one electrical device and around... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of electrical safety devices, including residual current devices (RCDs), isolating transformers, shuttered sockets, recessed sockets and shrouded plugs, insulated metal pins, transparent sockets and plugs and four-way switched socket outlets. Of these products, RCDs are the main devices. An RCD is an electrical wiring device that disconnects a circuit if it senses an excess flow of electricity. This report excludes protective wear for electricians.

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