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Drum Handling Equipment Procurement Research Report | Published: Nov 2014

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Drum Handling Equipment: Procurement Research Report Highlights

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The Drum Handling Equipment procurement report contains data and analysis of current and future trends when buying goods and services. IBISWorld’s in-depth procurement research is always presented in a logical and consistent format for easy reference throughout a company. The Drum Handling Equipment Procurement Research Report contains growth forecasts for a three-year outlook period and supplier profit benchmarks so your company can make the right purchasing decision.

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Benchmark Price
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Drum Handling Equipment - Recent Price Trend

Prices in the drum handling equipment market have been increasing at an estimated average 2.3% per year from 2011 to 2014. Despite a downward trend in input costs, high supply chain volatility has been negating the potential pricing benefits for buyers, while strong demand has allowed suppliers to keep prices on the rise. Drum handling equipment prices themselves have been displaying... purchase to read more

Drum Handling Equipment - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of owning a piece of drum handling equipment is typically very low, although the specific costs incurred by buyers depend on the equipment's complexity. Simple products, such as drum lifting hooks or spill containment trays, do not require any added purchases or upkeep. However, certain types of equipment require replacement parts and periodic maintenance. For example, drum openers... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of drum handling equipment. Drum handling equipment is used to transport barrels and drums. Drum handling equipment includes lifters, stackers, rotators, mixers and forklift attachments. This report also includes accessories for this equipment, such as drum openers, drum racks and spill containment platforms. Drum handling equipment can be purchased to fit all drum sizes and varying weight loads. These products are typically sold through material handling equipment manufacturers and distributors. This report excludes other types of material handling equipment, such as industrial trucks, forklifts and conveyors.

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