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Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance Procurement Research Report | Published: Jan 2015

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Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance: Procurement Research Report Highlights

Benchmark Price RFP/RFQ/Negotiation Questions
3-year Price Forecast Supply Chain Analysis
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IBISWorld’s Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance Procurement Research Report provides the latest price data and the factors underpinning price movements, such as input costs and external demand drivers. The report identifies the leading suppliers of Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance and offers a strategic analysis of the key factors influencing the way the procurement market works. Data forecasts also accompany our analysis so your company can make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Report Snapshot
Price Forecast & Benchmarking
Benchmark Price
Benchmark Price
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Profit Benchmark
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Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance - Recent Price Trend

For one year of coverage, the average price was $9,066 per vehicle in 2010, and is $9,640 in 2013. During the three years to 2013, price had low volatility and increased at an annualized rate of 2.1%. Price growth was driven primarily by the rising inputs costs of overhead and wages. Suppliers passed on these costs to buyers in the form of higher premium rates to protect profit margins. Suppliers... purchase to read more

Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership for commercial vehicle insurance is moderate. To purchase commercial vehicle insurance, buyers have many acquisition costs. Buyers must invest at least a month's worth of time and labor to purchase insurance. Acquisition costs include communicating needs to potential suppliers, negotiating with suppliers and selecting the appropriate supplier. In addition, once a... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of commercial auto and truck insurance. Buyers are businesses that use vehicles for commercial functions such as errands, sales calls, cargo transportation, construction and passenger transportation. Similar to consumer vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance provides financial protection against physical damage, bodily injury and liabilities that could arise from traffic collisions, natural disasters and theft. This insurance includes coverage for cars, vans and trucks, which range from pickup trucks to semitrucks. Insurance providers are insurance carriers, and agents and brokers are intermediaries between carriers and buyers. This report does not include cargo insurance, commercial property insurance or general liability insurance.

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