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Antiseptics Procurement Research Report | Published: Aug 2013

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Antiseptics: Procurement Research Report Highlights

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IBISWorld’s Antiseptics Procurement Research Report provides the latest price data and the factors underpinning price movements, such as input costs and external demand drivers. The report identifies the leading suppliers of Antiseptics and offers a strategic analysis of the key factors influencing the way the procurement market works. Data forecasts also accompany our analysis so your company can make purchasing decisions with confidence.

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Antiseptics - Recent Price Trend

The price for antiseptics steadily rose in the three years to 2013, increasing at an average rate of 1.8% per year. The price rose primarily due to the external demand factors of increased spending power of buyers, expanding healthcare coverage and the greater number of seniors that make up a portion of the population. These factors are driving an upward push in demand of antiseptics, effectively... purchase to read more

Antiseptics - Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership, based on the purchase price as a proportion of the overall cost of ownership, is high. Although computers have an average selling price of about $458 in 2013, the total could be 2.5 times greater per year over the course of a four-year life-span. Hardware and software costs have declined over the past few years, but rising labor costs associated with desktop support... purchase to read more


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This report is intended to assist buyers of antiseptics, which encompass a variety of antimicrobial chemical substances that are used to prevent and treat infections on bodily tissue or mucous membranes by killing germs and weakening bacteria. Common antiseptics include alcohol, iodine compounds and hydrogen peroxide, which are available in ointments, solutions or powders. This report focuses on antiseptics intended for medical use, but excludes antibiotics, hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap. Antiseptics are distributed to different groups, including hospitals, surgical centers, clinics and other health facilities. 

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